CPBob.com Weekly Deals

CPBob.com Weekly Deals


paypal is giving you $5 “store cash” to use on the CP site (when using PP of course)

i saw an email this morning.

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Texting with Mr. Yewdell right now, very excited for this flavor.

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Fish oil recommendations available at CP?

@Dougefresh93 appreciate the feedback. I saw them but bought too much C4 Smart Energy so I have 4 cases of C4 Smart and 3 Cases of OG Cans . I am good for a bit so trying to hold off on buying singles.


i tried the jalapeno strawberry flavor, while it wasn’t for me, i respect how well the flavor was done

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Agree. I expected it to be strawberry flavored but spicy, like Ghost Burn. Instead it’s a very literally jalapeno-flavored energy drink. Bizarre, but kinda tasty, and very accurately-flavored.

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