CP Fuel "strawberry kiwi" and "peach rings"

First off, sorry to Bob for taking my time on this one–my girl really wanted to try the strawberry kiwi so I had to wait for a weekend instead of using it for a morning pick-me-up on my drive to work like usual.

Samples provided for free by @TheSolution in exchange for a review.

Peach Rings

Honestly probably my #1 favorite energy drink/“pre workout” flavor. This was so delicious, with an intense peach flavor with just a kiss of sour on the back end, 3 seconds after you drink. One of my gripes with the peach ring candy is that some companies obviously use less flavoring than others, making it taste less peachy and more like just chewy sugar, but this was a wonderfully intense flavor. If I didn’t have like 3 tubs of Fuel right now I’d buy a full tub tonight.

Strawberry Kiwi
I mean like…it was good. It was definitely a good flavor, much more heavy on the strawberry as others have said (which is my preference, too much kiwi flavoring always tastes fake and weird to me), and very very sweet. It tastes a lot like a strawberry Now-And-Later candy, really. But after the delight of the peach rings, and hearing how everyone liked this one even better, it kinda fell short of my expectations. Still good, especially for strawberry lovers, but not my fave.
(my girl loved it though).

Flavor rankings

1.) Peach Rings
2.) White Frost
3.) Pink Burst/Lemon Drop
4.) Strawberry Kiwi
5.) Sour Watermelon Wedges


Man, Pre-Kaged is one of my favorite pre-s and that’s 15g of bioactive sand at the bottom of a shaker, I could care less about mixability in a pre. That said, most Fuel tubs and samples I’ve had have mixed effortlessly, even able to be stirred with a spoon. Neither sample had any settling at all.


Buy the peach rings flavor, or failing that, buy me the peach rings flavor.


Will add pictures tomorrow, have to resize them to suit PP’s filesize limit.

Appreciate the update
I usually update mine to IMGUR and add
A lot of people LOVE the peach rings! Thanks for being 100% honest

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