CP Fuel Peach Ring and Starwberry Kiwi Review

CP Fuel Peach Ring and Starwberry Kiwi Review

Bob sent me over a sample of the new CP Fuel flavors. I’m a huge fan of the flavors of Fuel, while the ingredient profile fits the bill of an energy drink, rather than a full on pre workout.

First off, Peach Rings. Peach Rings is very sweet and not as sour as I was expecting. For the sweet flavor fruit fans this is a big hit. I like it but it was almost too sweet for me. Of course, you can add water to dilute that, but the super sweet lovers will love this. If you like the peach rings candy, you will love this flavor.

Next, Strawberry Kiwi. This was my favorite of the two. It’s not a super original flavor, but I am still a big fan. This is heavy on strawberry (which I loved) and subtle on Kiwi. It’s a really refreshing flavor and I would use this in lieu of an energy drink if I had a tub. Problem is, I am a sucker for carbonated White Monster…

My CP Fuel Flavor ranks still run as:

  1. Pink Burst
  2. White Frost
  3. Strawberry Kiwi
  4. Peach Rings
  5. No clue - only had 4 flavors!
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I appreciate the Axe & Sledge shaker cup in the photo…

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Glad you enjoy them. Like I texted you… There is a lot more coming, and some flavors that will be right up your alley. I agree with you though Pink Burst is magical!

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