CP Carnitine Review

CP Carnitine Review

I First off, I’m not a big meat eater, so I know I’m likely deficient in L-Carnitine. That’s a big reason I’m such an advocate. Most Carnitine products contain only one form of Carnitine, when in reality, we need the tri blend of Acetyl L Carnitine, standard L Carnitine, and L Carnitine Tartrate.

CP Carnitine contains all three in a 1750mg dose. I am not going to complain about the dosage at all - it’s spot on where it should be.

I have had all three flavors (Green Apple not pictured). This is the best flavored liquid Carnitine I’ve had. Whoever is designing the flavor systems for CP products needs a raise. He/she is killing it lately. I can only imagine how good their protein would taste if they ever design their own formulation .

All flavors have no weird aftertaste or tart aftertaste. My favorite flavor is Jello-shot. Basically a strawberry flavor. Next up is Freedom, where the lime, cherry and raspberry are all distinct and noticeable. Green Apple if great, but I’m just not a huge Apple flavor fan.

For anyone who is deficient in meats in their diet and wondering why the fat loss is difficult, I’d recommend to try and supplement with a solid tri blend of Carnitine to see if it helps supplement your diet to aid in fat loss goals.

We can get into the science of how L-Carnitine can be a fat burning tool for those deficient in the amino acid, but I don’t have time. ; )

I’m sure Mike and Ben would be happy to link in some of their articles, or you can go to the blog and search for L Carnitine to see the many studies we’ve cited here about how great the supplement can be, IF you are deficient in it.

That would be Tarun who does the flavoring.

I hope you are ready. There is a LOT more to come :slight_smile: I will make sure I buy a few bottles or tubs of fuel for you to review in the future.

Thanks for your detailed review