Core Vegan Protein Review

Core Vegan Review


Maple Pancake Batter –There is a noticeable maple vibe with a strong backend of pancake batter. When you deal with a vegan option it is almost inevitable there will be a slight chalky aspect to the aftertaste, but Core did a great job on masking it. If you ever stuck your fingers in the pancake batter before making a batch this is as close as good as it comes. With the subtle maple flavor and dominant pancake batter, it makes for a fantastic compliment. All in all the execution to resemble a breakfast staple as a vegan option was well done.

Chocolate Brownie Batter - The chocolate is very rich, dense, and full of milk chocolate flavor. You get a sense of a 70% milk chocolate and 30% swiss chocolate in the aftertaste. The backend flavoring provides a fudgy aftertaste that leaves a lingering smooth chocolate complement to enhance the base flavor Think about going to a bakery and getting a delicious brownie. Not only do you get the fantastic chocolate brownie taste, but also the lingering thick glaze from the brownie batter combined together. Take two elements that work well with each other and Core delivers it in a vegan protein powder.


**As a shake with 8-10oz Per Scoop **

The texture is smooth when mixed as a shake, but again I would not compare it to any dairy-based products. It still does have a sort of grainy-ness that tells you for sure ‘yes, this is definitely vegan, but that is to be expected. I suggest more water or liquid when mixing with a vegan protein due to the thickness it provides.

** As Protein Pudding / Sludge **

One of my favorite ways to mix protein is with Greek yogurt. or just enough water to make "Protein Pudding/ Sludge”. Vegan options tend to be on the thicker side and that holds true with Core Vegan. There is no issue when mixing with yogurt, water, or almond milk as long as you have the proper dry to wet ratio.


Per Scoop:

Calories ~ 110-120

Protein ~ 21g

Carbs ~ 2g

Fat ~ 3g

Protein Sources: Brown Rice & Pea Protein

DigeSEB™ - Added Digestive Enzyme

Vegan Coconut Oil Creamer – Aid Mouthfeel and Texture

Extra BCAA Added (to replicate whey protein, as typically, plant-based formulas are lower in naturally occurring BCAAs)


Great job, Bob. Can you compare Core Pancake flavor to Ghost’s vegan pancake batter?

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They are both pretty much spot on with the pancake batter flavor.
Core is a little lighter, but you get the maple aspect in the backend.
If you are focusing on pure pancake batter Ghost may be a bit stronger,

Honestly both are stellar, and if you enjoy pancake batter they are a must try.

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Awesome review. I’ve got a lot of "Pancake Batter"s on my hands atm, so I might hold off on that for now :smile:

But I’m definitely curious about the Mixed Berry – and even the Brownie. @TheSolution Do you have any thoughts on how that compares to BEAM’s Vegan Brownie?

Core has a swiss chocolate added element to the original brownie/milk chocolate flavor.
BEAM is primary milk chocolate/brownie based with a stronger presence of both.

Core offers a unique spin to these flavors, which is why I would suggest giving them a shot yourself to see how you like them.