Core POST: A Post-Workout Recovery Matrix Enhanced with Velositol

Originally published at: Core POST: A Post-Workout Recovery Matrix Enhanced with Velositol

Core Nutritionals continues to level up their supplement line! Last time Core Nutritionals was featured on PricePlow, we covered Core Zone, an advanced nootropic that helps you develop the crush-it mentality. As Core Nutritionals set out to rebrand their entire line, the team also has been busy revamping old supplements… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Anyone here have anecdotal experience with velosital?

I’ve used it standalone as part of a post-workout stack that I had concocted including HICA, LCAR, and hydro whey. Very hard to report any anecdotal findings in ingredients for boosting MPS - my 2 cents is that it’s worth including due to its pretty inexpensive cost and pretty positive study (animal) findings.


At this point, I view it in the same realm as S7.

The study shows great results but upon further investigation you realize the study had some questionable components.

From my understanding of the evidence you could get the same result with chromium and dextrose

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Ahh yes - I recall some stating 1000mg of chromium might have similar effects. Was that you?

I think its hilarious that a study comes out showing you can use a lower dose of something and for once companies ARENT jumping on using less protein with this

I want to do an intra with velositol and hydrolyzed casein but no company I work with is jumping on it…yet lol

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Any particular reason hydrolyzed casein specifically?

I have a weird love for hydrolyzed casein since plazma back in the day and John Meadows raving about it.

It’s just hella expensive, so I see the velositol as a way to make the formula more cost efficient.

This is all theoretical here, but I think it could be an effective intra since it’s a very fast protein and you could use less with velositol, making it a better experience for intra.

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Old school…used to use that and Surge Workout Fuel. Which was also my first introduction to Cyclic Dextrin.

Quick edit: What ever happened with those guy’s? I venture to their site once in a while…but are people still using their supplements? I imagine yes.

Ya, its a mixture of 1000 mcg of chromium picolate, and some carb with a obscure name, that I am fairly certain is there for marketing.

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just like noolvl being nitrosigine with added inositol.

Makes sense to me. Make a separate product for a separate purpose with separate studies