Core Nutritionals BOGO free line drive @ Suppz King

Credit to Fitness Deals News for making this one happen. The retailer only carries Core Fury, Pump, ABC and Iso. Greens is sold out.


Just saw that thanks for posting

Hmmmm this is tempting…

What is the expiration?

Because they’re the new branding and flavors, I figured they should have the shelf life of the first lot/batch at worst.

If it’s still live by the time I get my shipment, I’ll update you. They appear to only be 1-2 hours drive from me… So I may receive by Wednesday.

Not even close to expiring. I just bought from CORE 2 months ago. I still have some ABC & ISO left.

This is the equivalent of getting it directly from the horse’ mouth.

ABC is one of those underrated supplements that just works…(and here we go with the BCAA vs. EAA argument)

And for the record I did take advantage of this and appreciate how quickly it was shipped.

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Your Welcome Bill!

I also have BCAA/EAA formula from Apollon called Enigma which is stacked for those of you looking for a combo.

20% off all other brands using code SUPPKINGZ20 @ checkout!

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I’m a huge fan of that product and use it regularly during my workouts

Thank you Bighoop65 for sharing this on this forum. I do offer an affiliate program. You get your own coupon code and 10% commission. If interested email me ( for more details.

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Just received my order with a handwritten thank you note. I love it @suppkingz


Great! We always try and go the extra mile. Also if you didn’t already you should sign up for our rewards program. It’s free!

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I definitely will

How much longer are you going to sell products that are “Not for human consumption”?

Uh oh

Asking for a friend of course

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Took advantage of this to try the new fury

@suppkingz Thanks for shipping quick and the free sample.
The note was a nice touch, happy new year’s :muscle:


Your welcome and Happy New Year to you as well!

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