Core Nutrition ZAP

Core Nutrition ZAP


Has anyone else been running Core Zap by Core nutrition? It feels very well balanced and has a pretty solid nootropic profile alongside the stimulants in it. Clean energy and good focus. The main thing I noticed was that this promoted way more in the way of Mind-Muscle connection. Reps were very slow/controlled. I seem to get more out of a 3/4 scoop vs. full scoop. I’ll use a 1/2 scoop if I need to get some stuff done around the house. Taste is pretty solid too. Thoughts? Similar experiences?


Haven’t run it but the formula looks pretty decent, bit pricey but good doses, 100 mg of theacrine 500 of Citicoline which I am a fan of, L-dopa which I am not a fan of.
On that note it seems the brand page is out of date @PricePlowStaff
Tiger fitness page for inconvenience


Ohh, weird, there used to be a capsule product named ZAP, but now they have a new powder coming out:

Yeah, I think I’d love this stuff!!! May need to 3/4 scoop it tho.

Updated our site to have the powder one as well. Thanks for the heads up, not everything works automated. We need a new virtual assistant to help manage some of these products!!


Oh yeah man, this product has been out for a little bit, maybe a little over a month. Pretty solid profile, and great taste. I’m a big fan of Teacrine as of late. I’ve been taking off of exotic stimulants to test out other things to see what else works for me for overall health and curiosity. Find the focus is great when alongside caffeine (small to moderate)


I love it personally. I do remember a while back Doug miller and his team discussed whether or not they would put any of the newer age stims in the formula, which they obviously didn’t. In light of recent events, that was probably a good decision


Yeah, the Teacrine is great. But this has too much caffeine, fits for people who don’t like coffee. But otherwise you end up taking a smaller scoop and won’t get the full 100mg of teacrine.


I’ve noticed even at 1/2 scoop that you still feel pretty alert/focused with it. While i do want 100mg of Teacrine, the synergy of everything works out pretty well at half the dose. I attribute this to the nootropics in the mix


I’ve had my eye on this for quite some time. I really want to get a sample of this. Although I probably wouldn’t take a higher dose than 1/2-3/4


Core Nutritionals are solid products but I can’t get past the taste. I have tried 2 of their proteins and I was not crazy about the taste, not good so I don’t know if I will every buy again.


I’ve always gotten the vibe that core doesn’t really care too much about flavor for anything but CorePRO and CoreMRP.

More important things to worry about


They care more about the quality of the ingredients vs. the flavor. Core ABC has always been pretty good flavor wise, so I can’t say flavoring is bad for all products. Also the ZAP isn’t bad if you like lemon lime.


I tried a few samples of Zap via our Nutrition Corner and it was a little strong for me. 1/2 scoop was ok but not exactly a go to for me. That said it did induce quite a tuned in focus effect and the energy at 1/2 a scoop was awesome. Read the label fully before taking a full scoop! Not for the weak hearted lol.


Interesting. I used Core ABC in the past - do you know if they offer samples of Zap?