Core Iso Red Velvet Cake Review

Core Iso Red Velvet Cake -

Red Velvet Cake – The red velvet cake has a great blend of chocolate and cream cheese. Core did a good job of combining these two elements with a very rich, delicious, and luscious flavor from the first sip to the aftertaste. Even in a shake or sludge both provided a ton of flavor and packed a punch. Red Velvet can be tricky as getting both flavors to compliment each other can be a chore. Core did a great overall job of combining exactly what you would expect from a real red velvet cake flavor.


Core Isolate is a pure whey protein isolate. The protein in general it mixes with ease. I found this to have no issues when mixed as a shake and made into protein pudding. For isolate-based protein powders, I find 4-6oz of liquid per scoop of protein as my sweet spot. When making it into a protein pudding I slowly add water or almond milk to my desired consistency. I found no clumps when mixed in either fashion, which is to be expected from high quality, isolate protein.


Per Scoop:

Calories ~ 110

Protein ~ 24g

Carbs ~ 2g

Fat ~ 1g

100% micro-filtered, cold-processed, whey protein isolate

Zero artificial fillers

No added sugars


Nice review. This would be amazing in the Core Pro line where the concentrate would up the “creaminess”.

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And a bit of flavor, but TBH this flavor was nailed
Think OG Protean (I force) it is that damn goood.


Excellent for an isolate.

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I got a Red Velvet Fit Butter to review today, I am eager to see how much the iso flavor shines through.