Controlled Labs White Warped Review

Controlled Labs White Warped Review


Good review @Mike
I would definitely give this a run. Simple and effective. Not a lot of extras.


Green Apple needed a lot more sweetness and sourness to it to be labeled Candy Green Apple IMO. Product works well and is very reasonably priced


I’m curious as to the reason for dropping Vaso6


Hasn’t there been some controversy as to whether or not it is what is says it is? The Thermolife lawsuit

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Lawsuit where Thermolife went after Compound Solutions for Vaso6

ThermoLife mentions in its complaint that it tested a sample of Vaso6 at two separate laboratories and found it to be nothing more than regular green tea

“ThermoLife’s Complaint seeks an injunction, barring further false advertising by Compound Solutions and actual damages. As a result of Compound Solutions willfully false advertising, ThermoLife also seeks an order from the court disgorging its profits on VASO6 and an award of treble damages.”


That’s fascinating to me
Thank you


I suspected that for a while with absolutely no evidence, good to be validated


Did you watch my youtube review on it?
Written review is in the comment box too from these boards

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Oh, i meant the Vaso6 thing. Good review though, crazy that Spectra treated you like that!


It is not just me. A lot of other reviews on other boards are finding the same feelings/feedback.
I would give it a whirl. It is $24 right now for 30 servings. For the price its hard to not give it a shot.

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I really liked White Flash and need to give this a shot. Realizing taste wasn’t the best with White Flash but it was a really good product