Controlled Labs White Warped Pre-Workout Review

Controlled Labs White Warped Pre-Workout Review

Controlled Labs White Warped



Sour Green Apple - I enjoy apple flavors, and this is a good one. White Warped has a very strong apple out of the gate… The one thing I was a little upset about was the density of the sour and sweetness of the candy. Both of these aspects were lacking in the flavor department. While it is not overpowering (which may scare some people) it has a very refreshing overall flavor that makes it easy to sip on. Overall this is a good green apple flavor. I personally found this the best green apple flavored product on the CL line above White Flash and Orange Brainwash.


Controlled Labs White Warped mixes with ease. 1 Scoop in around 10-12 oz of water and a few shakes left no clumps. I have never had an issue with Controlled Labs (Purple Wraath, White Flash, and White Flood) as all the products I have used settle with ease. Some may prefer 6-8oz of liquid if you want a very strong tasting pre-workout.



Per Scoop

250mg Caffeine (Stimulant)

100mg Di-Caffeine Malate (Prolong Caffeine Half-Life)

3g L-Citrulline (Prevent Lactic Acid Build Up, Pumps, Enhance Nitric Oxide effects)

2g L-Tyrosine (Reduce Stress, Improve catecholamine production, Energetic Neurotransmitter)

1.5g Taurine (Antioxidant, Hydration Boosting Agent, Endurance)

500mg Agmatine (Improve Pump, Improve Blood Glucose, Lower Cortisol)

100mg Spectra Blend (Boost Nitric Oxide Levels)

100mcg Huperzine A (Nootropic to enhance focus & cognitive benefits)


CL White Warped will retail around $30 for 30 Servings once it hits other retailers besides direct from the brand ($57 for 30 Servings). This will be a very good bang for your buck pre-workout. CL also runs a ton of fantastic deals and introduction promotions. Keep your eye out, as you may be able to grab this at a very affordable rate

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Update on White Warped (4 Workouts in)

Taste -The Sour and Candy portion of the green apple are still dull. I have tried 6-8-10 oz of liquid for 1 scoop and I can’t get the density to truly shine. The green apple is there and this is the best Green Apple CL has probably done, but it still misses what is labeled on the tub IMO. I have had better green apples, but this is still good tasting.

Mixabilty - No issues. a bit of foam right away, but settles within a minute or two. CL has always been fantastic with making products that mix easy.

Energy/Focus : 250mg Caffeine, 100mg Di-Caffeine Malate, 2g Tyrosine, 100mcg Huperzine A
While this is not a crazy stim bomb, you still get a good kick of energy. I notice the additions of tyrosine and Hupezine A help prolong caffeine half life in conjunction with the di-caffeine malate. I find energy to last as long as 90-120 minutes. For someone like myself who favors around 200mg caffeine it does feel like a lot , especially in a fasted state. When I train fed (meal 60-90 minutes prior) this does not hit as hard, but still gives me a huge kick in the ass.

Pump - This is the kicker, The Spectra blend is not something we see a lot of in pump products, pre-workouts, and other stimulated products. This is also becoming something we see a lot of companies starting to look into. Remember I favor nitrates and a heavy dose of citrulline 4g or 8g citrulline malate. Even at 3g I still get a good pump. Agmatine has never really done much for me as far as a pump goes, but I will say this Spectra did catch me off guard. I do not know if i am a good responder or what, but I have been having fantastic, deep pumps on all body parts. For example legs for me I can stimulate with a single leg curl, but for body parts like arms & back which are weak points for me I am finding the mind muscle connection to come a bit easier. I trained legs on sunday and did a bulgarian drop set of death and I had to lie on the floor for 5 minutes after I was done my legs started to turn red. That was absolutely a mental mind F trying to push through that pain on a 7 minute dropset.

I have tried training in a fasted state two times since using white warped, and do not get me wrong the pump is there but nullified to a large extent. Pump is always going to be better with sodium, water, and carbs but I did still get my muscles firing. I would not say this is the best pre-workout I have used in a fasted state for pumps, but it still gets the job done for being what it is and its ingredient profile.

Overall I enjoy the product. I think for the price per serving it will be hard to not give it a shot and see how you like Spectra. Given many people will favor white flash for the formula and vaso6, I would still not rule this product out until you give it a fair chance.

Controlled Labs White Warped Review