Controlled Labs White Flash | Pre Workout Review

Controlled Labs White Flash | Pre Workout Review



Could not agree more here - this is a great product.


Man “someone commented on Instagram”…I feel so betrayed :joy::joy::joy: could have shouted me out! @CJ @Mike just playing around guys, but really, this Pre is legit


They need to make this in the bubblegum flavor. That tastes good!


I do like that they dosed something at 4 grams that actuly deserves to be dosed at 4 grams.


I have green apple and it’s fine…not the best…but may need to switch up flavors…


Not to steal Mike’s thunder but WhiteFlash (not to be confused with the Great White Hope nor Flash the superhero) is on sale at A1


Dude I can’t keep track of my own family’s needs let alone who’s commenting on what and where!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes thanks!!!

CJ absolutely loves VASO-6. Trying to get them on to explain the patent.