Common hot deal items I've tried and random samples(review)

Just a review of some of the stuff you see on the hot deal page, if you have your own reviews post them in the comments.

Cutler total protein: It is fairly drinkable, not amazing but good strawberry graham is the best, smoore is so sweet its hard to finish, brownie has that weird brownie after taste. Note that it is not clean by any stretch.

allmax Isoflex mint chocolate- great flavor but when it goes bad it fucking goes bad, and it went bad early, which is a shame since there was a good couple pounds left

Muscle pharm combat powder: This actually has some really good flavoring, cookies and cream too, and gluten free so my girlfriend gets to try it when she visits, which she is excited about. Usually cheap at costco and they had a sale

Fuel one protien: at this point discontinued and its a good thing, this stuff was awful

Muscle tech phase 8: its a ripoff of BSN’s blend that misses the point, like every one that does this. The strawberry smells better then it taste and this is a protien I just couldn’t finish

Muscle tech’s whey and whey isolates: Ok flavors nothing amazing, I don’t like peanut butter it seems.

six star whey: cheap, not bad for the price good if you just need something and don’t want to shop around or spend allot. Note that their isolate is either amino spiked or “whey + isolate” IE its whey concentration with a bit of isolate added.

I-Force Max Out:(green apple) good flavor good energy bad texture due to glycerol, good as a side preworkout as nitrate tolerance.

Dyanimize pursuit, This should frankly have been a capsule, its 90% sugar and still horridly bitter.

Hi-dosis This tasted extremely sour if you mix it with something else its alright, its a good cheap “I read examine preworkout”, currently getting reformulated. If bcaas are too exotic for you then this is a good standard preworkout when it comes back out.

Off the chain- rocket pop, I got this flavor heavily mixed so it didn’t have the layers, the flavor is a bit odd with a MSG like after taste, its not terrible but not great, its a good two scooper/energy drink.

my protein bcaas and creatine(blue raspberry): bleh neither mixes well and they both taste bad, I am still bitter about their customer service.

Myprotien casien(chocolate) This one is pretty decent, I would recommend

Optimum nutrition tricellular casein: sadly discontinued, tasted great, I miss this stuff.

Quest bar, rocky road- tough but rather edible, main advantage is a huge amount of fairly decent fiber

Zone perfect- Really awesome taste to these, macro wise its nothing special but I still highly recommend

Dymatize protein bar- ehh not that great, rather tough and not much flavor

BPI BEST protein bar- The taste is like the texture, brick like

Quest bar cereal- every flavor outside of waffle was really good, nice texture and that new qsedo fiber

Muscle milk bars, These are surprisingly great

Optimum nutrition’s protein bar- Me too is right, they aren’t good, theres little flavor and a texture that goes from tough and chewy to sand like

Muscle pharm protein bars (normal ones) a generally very nice texture and good flavor, well worth a dollar

Muscle pharm big protein bars, I don’t know what happened but these have the aftertaste of literal vomit.


RXS raidiate- really great flavors here, fairly intense but not overly so, if I was richer or it had like 3 grams of citruline I would buy this at the sale price(its a good product but its pretty much stims only so its hard to justify on my budget, but it likely will fit well on other peoples)
Controlled labs PROmore, Love the snicker-doodle flavor, its not no clump as it advertises but it mixes well, sadly this is another product that is too rich for my blood at 12$ a pound for a non isolate.


The aftertaste of Off the Chain rocket pop is awful

I think @CJ would disagree with you Clipper, lol

O boy there’s going to be blood in the comments section.

Taste is good, aftertaste is just foul lol

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I feel the same way about their Green Apple Jolly Rancher. While drinking it, tastes exactly as described. As soon as you stop drinking it, tastes…significantly less pleasant.

Also Hi-Dosis at its recommended water amount tasted exactly like straight lemon juice, which meant that if you doubled up on the water and added some sort of sweetener, it made a pretty decent lemonade.

So the after taste is consistant across the flavors? interesting

I enjoyed it mixed with diet Pepsi.
I still have quite a bit left, may have to start using it again.
I kind of forgot about it till I got an email with a new flavor survey, hope they go with the orange, I love orange flavored stuff.

I dunno, their Southern Sweet Tea had no funky aftertaste imo, it was really delicious.

And I voted for Orange as well, haha


I don’t get the point of addding dmaa to a bcaa product. People drink those intra usually and that’s pretty much a waste.

It’s nice to wake up to. Good for fasted cardio IMO

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Cheap way of getting something with flavor and DMAA, though you could likely half scoop mesomorph for the same effect, but this is slightly cheaper.

I’d rather go mesomorph. Half scooping would give 50 servings still stronger than a full scoop of off the chain. That’s just me though.

I get that it might cost more to flavor things well but Myprotein’s flavoring system is hella weak.