Combat Crunch 2 new flavors

Combat Crunch 2 new flavors

On the Musclepharm site, their Combat Crunch protein bar product page shows 2 new flavors that are marked as sold out: Double Stuffed Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter Lovers. These flavors don’t appear anywhere else online and there are no mentions. I spoke to MP and they said iHerb ordered stock of those; yet it’s not listed on the iHerb web site and their customer support cannot help. Has anyone heard of these 2 new flavors? Where to get them?


If you already inquired directly through MP, that’s probably going to be your best answer.


It’s boggling how they say iHerb purchased them yet iHerb seems to have no record of it. Weirdly, MP never advertised these nor have they been promoted in any way. I think I just have to call them back. I really would like to try these.