Collagen Protein Log/Review

Collagen Protein Log/Review

This is a thread I am creating for my hands on review and first time use of collagen protein, with the end goal of determining whether or not it makes noticeable improvements to joint health, pain, and comfort.

This is a long term log. So this post will only bear genuine fruit after another 2-3 months.

Here are the goods!

Here we have a collagen protein by PEScience, VMI Sports, and the bone broth collagen by Gaspari. They all range from 10g-13g of collagen protein. Each container has 30 servings, so this will be a 3 month log.

I’m adding 1 serving with 1.5 scoops (37g) of isolate as my post workout shake. No other timing or supplementation of collagen, just post workout. For non-training days, it will be taken before bed in conjunction with my pre-bedtime isolate shake (I do this on non-training days, to make sure I’m hitting my protein goals for the day).

A big thanks to @Dougefresh93 for hooking me up with the Gaspsri Bone Broth. I will be taking additional joint support through this log, BUT, I have consistently been taking such product continuously for over 6 months (Gaspari Proven Joint) - so that should not skew the results for me personally.

Stay tuned!


you’re welcome bro…

since it’s my most recent copy and paste… our bone broth AA profile

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In for interest


Yah - I know this isn’t a super flashy log, but I think it’d be a great one for trial and error purposes.

For anyone who cares - Gaspari Vanilla Bone Broth tastes awesome. Mixed with my Xtend Pro cookie butter, it tastes like a PB-Vanilla milkshake.


Throwing this out there as our “baseline” for any faith that collagen can improve joint pain at rest and under stress.