Coffee Ice Cream Flavored Protein | GHOST WHEY REVIEW

Coffee Ice Cream Flavored Protein | GHOST WHEY REVIEW



Replied to this on the Twitter machine…I like it…I mean nothing will replace real coffee but I do enjoy this protein. Mix it with ice and drink it throughout the day and it’s not bad.


Taste like a caramel coffee to me. Someone get @Matt_Towson a Priceplow shirt already


I was going to order a PricePlow under armour shirt a while back but then it got taken down… :frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️


Hmmm I thought @Mike offered me a hat or shirt at one point. That said…I don’t even know how to find the shirts etc…


They were through a third party manufacturer I believe. I had a red PricePlow shirt that I won FOREVER ago when the forum first started up…but I can’t find it anymore :sob: sorry for losing it @CJ @PricePlowStaff @Mike


What you meant to say is that from all the advice and reviews on the Price Plow site on supplementation and training you have now outgrown your shirt (‘bruh my sleeves are too tight’) and need another one.


Yes…that’s completely what I meant to say :joy:. But really…I miss that shirt :frowning:️:disappointed:


So Amazon changed the shirts they’re sending out now, can get a new one but it won’t be like the old one!


I just want to rep! Assuming it’s on there now


They’re linked at

I just got a white one since it’s summer and I own mostly black shirts… Definitely a different brand shirt now