CNS Supplements PRE-workout BLOWOUT sale

CNS Supplements PRE-workout BLOWOUT sale

So i have decided to drop the price to 29.99 plus a flat rate shipping.

I agree that the price was higher than i would of liked and decided that I would rather take a pay cut NOW rather than later.

I want to get it out into as many people’s hands as possible for a reasonable price even if it means i make just a few dollars.

Depending on how this is taken I may or may not make another batch for a while as there is a different supplement that is SCARCE on the market and has a much larger demographic.

This obviously is depending on the rate of demand of my pre due to the lowered price and increased advertising.

The current price would be equilavent/cheaper to that of Legion Athletics Pre, C4 Ultimate and even cheaper than some other pres that don’t even have a quarter of what mine has to offer.

Please if you can try to spread the news and let me know your thoughts/ if you have tried it already.

Here is the link if you decide you are interested or would like to know more.

Labgrade Pre

Thank you so much as always.