ClearCut Preworkout Review

The company ClearCut was nice enough to send out a tub of their preworkout for me to try, free of charge, so here’s my review for them. Let’s start with the label:

Pretty solid, all around formula. Big dose L-Tyrosine, which I definitely felt in the mood/focus department. The choline added is a nice touch, and decently dosed for bitartrate. You wouldn’t feel it on its own, but coupled with the other nootropics in here, it plays along nicely.

As for flavor, I received blueberry lemonade, and I was pleasantly surprised. The other available flavor is strawberry lemonade in case you were curious, would love to try that one. It’s a big scoop, and strong flavoring, so I used a solid 16 oz of water and it was still strong. Hell, a scoop in a gallon probably wouldn’t be bad per se. Regardless, flavor was great, tasted like a better version of RedCon1’s Blue Lemonade (at least their DMHA formula, haven’t tried the others). Little tart, clearly a lemonade if doing a blind taste test. Overall a very good job.

Formula: Surprisingly a clean, nice energy ride throughout. I don’t generally like theanine w/ my stims, but I quite enjoyed this. Might have to explore that further. Coupled w/ the tyrosine & choline & huperzine, there was a nice focus component. Stims are perfect for most, with caffeine at 200mg. 6g dose of citrulline malate was solid, not sure if the ratio is 2:1 or 1:1 though. 2g of Taurine as well for endurance and water based pumps. Bigger creatine HCl dose than most other pre’s, which is great. Tops me off if I ever forget or if I’m a little light on my normal scoop of creatine daily. 2g of Beta Alanine is solid for a boost, assuming you take another dose sometime during the day, but it’s also not enough for tingles, since many don’t like that. And, 6g BCAA’s in 2:1:1 which I don’t mind in my pre’s, certainly won’t harm you, and especially if you take EAA’s intra-workout like me, you don’t mind the extra shot of those.

Overall, a solid job from a new small company. Preworkout is their only product at the moment, but I hope they come out with more. This is PP, so I can’t deny it’s a bit pricey, but that’s how it goes with new companies. It’s a nice medium-stim, all around essentials for a preworkout. I give it a thumbs up for sure

Funny – you never see 3g of Creatine HCl. Always 2g (possibly due to patent). Kudos to these guys for adding that extra gram, and thanks for posting!

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True that, always wondered what the 2g deal was. Anyway, nice to see ya back around here!


Patent stuff???

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I always assumed but never found any real evidence to support that. I vaguely recall seeing it somewhere, but can’t find the source again