Clean supplements?

Any recommendations on clean whey, RTDs? By Clean I mean, ingredient profiles that don’t have any controversial ingredients like Maltodextrin that will spike your insulin?

On one hand, I am trying to do a semi keto, or low carb, but on the other hand, I have a pregnant wife that also likes RTD’s, so I’m trying to keep her and the babe safe.

I’m a fan of the Quest RTDs, although I found their powder abysmal funny enough. Not sure how clean they are per se. 3 grams carbs, 30g protein, no maltodextrin

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Thanks. What was wrong with their powder? I baked with it from time to time, and it was thick, so I enjoyed it as a shake.

Flavor just didn’t do it for me. Like insufferably bad, but if you’re saying it wasn’t, perhaps I just had a bad batch. Only used 2 servings of it before I scrapped it

Congrats on the kiddo, but I’d advise she give up the RTDs for the next two years. Unnecessary risk IMO, too many preservatives and artificial sugars.

Was actually looking into this brand, but no samples :frowning:

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Super pricey but I guess you get what you pay for.