Ciltep - has anyone tried it?

Ciltep - has anyone tried it?


Good afternoon gentlemen / just curious as to whether anyone has used or tried Cilep from Natural Stacks?


Here’s the link:


Haven’t personally, but damn that’s expensive for only 20 servings


Looking at the formula, I’m not terribly impressed, and looking at the price, I’m even less so.


No. I wouldn’t buy it either after looking at the profile even if it was half that price.


I appreciate the feedback gentlemen…


I ran powder city’s copy, definitely is effective noot. Laser focus for an extended period but has a price to pay. I crash hard and “coma sleep” for 10-12 hours, which can be ok if you’re prepared for it. Stacks well with mild stims. Lots of YouTube reviews, I recommend epic beasts video


Thank you DJ


Thank you again for this DJ…the experiences from the YouTube video seem similar to what I experienced with Mental Jewels…Great during the day but the mind was racing all night…could not get good rest at all.