Chaotic Labz “Brave” Preworkout Review

“Brave” Review

Couple other comments, yes it is a proprietary blend, which tends to keep me and most other users away. That being said, I was quite surprised by just how potent this stuff really was. And no, I am not endorsed or sponsored or anything by the company, these were indeed my honest thoughts. First video review, bit rough in places, but always room for improvement!


Great job brother

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Nice review/video editing.

Just looked at the label, is it listing over 30mg(listed above b6) Alpha Y, or yohimbe root extracted for alpha Y?

On a side note the more I try to read into their labels the more confused I get…

I’d have to go back through them. I glanced through them a little while back, but most weren’t even that interesting so I didn’t even try to decipher them.

The Yohimbine is blended with Malic Acid, specifically 40mg Malic Acid for every 2mg of A-Y, bringing the total mass out to around 100mg