Chaos Crew's BRING THE CHAOS Pre Workout Brings Controlled Chaos to the Gym!

Originally published at: Chaos Crew’s BRING THE CHAOS Pre Workout Brings Controlled Chaos to the Gym!

Coming onto the scene in late 2017, Chaos Crew has been making some massive noise overseas! The loudly-branded company from the UK has focused on bringing you hardcore products that pack more of the exotic ingredients you can’t find in a majority of formulas. It’s Europe’s most hardcore pre workout… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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Europe’s most hardcore supplement brand is here, and they’re here to send a message: we’re unleashing Chaos on the entire world! The Chaos Crew is ready to Bring the Chaos anywhere in the world! That’s right, this giveaway is international-friendly! That’s because they’re the Chaos Crew, and they have Europe’s… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Would love to try this, great looking stim profile. J. Regia & Eria, @DAMON maybe a consideration for the BloodShr3d replacement?

Thanks!! This was my first choice when looking around but i realized it was a European product. I entered, and hopefully this company begins selling in the US and ends up being what I’m looking for

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I love it. Been using it for 2 weeks!l in conjunction with some nitrate!

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What’s your nitrate source?

Do u know whether this will end up coming to the US instead of just Europe?

I like that they list the doses of the fillers but on that note DAM do they put a lot of filler in this, almost half wtf.

LOVE the 250mg caffeine / 250mg theanine dose that comes alongside the exotic stims. This one feels perfectly-executed.