Cellucor P6 Alpha

Here is the product overview to start.

Product Overview
Formulated with clinically-studied ingredients, the new P6® Alpha Advanced will have you looking, feeling, and performing your best.* If you’re struggling to pack on muscle or don’t have the energy you once did, it’s not your fault. Factors such as age and stress can lead to decreased muscle mass and strength, nitric oxide production, cellular energy production, and testosterone levels.

That’s why we formulated the new P6® Alpha Advanced to specifically target these key factors. The new P6® Alpha Advanced includes 4 trademarked and clinically-studied ingredients to:

  • Boost testosterone with TESTFACTOR™*‡

  • Support muscle strength and size with elevATP®*

  • Increase vitality, performance, and alertness with SenActiv® and Asian Ginseng*

  • Helps support normal, healthy estrogen metabolism with DIM*

  • Provide dual pathway nitric oxide support with NO3-C™*

BOOST TESTOSTERONE — Enhances testosterone production, muscle strength, and muscle endurance with TESTFACTOR.*
INCREASE VITATLITY — Ingredients like SenActiv® and Asian Ginseng that promote vitality, well-being, and alertness*.
SUPPORTS BLOOD FLOW — A patented blend of citrulline and nitrates that supports nitric oxide in a dual pathway, contributing to healthy blood flow*.
BUILD MUSCLE — Strengthens muscles and increases power output.*

1 bottle = 90 capsules -3 per day. at a price point of $49.99

I have about a week left on this first bottle. So far this is what I have noticed. Strength UP. Each workout feels stronger and stronger. Increase in bench. With my strength up I’ve also started to notice more veins popping out due to the citrulline and nitrates that are added to this product. Since I have started taking this I have noticed that I am more alert throughout the day. I take these after my first meal each day. Overall I am very happy with this product and I will Definity take it for another test run down the road.

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Thanks for the review!


What was your starting weight?

I started at 145. I could hit 150 but struggled with it. Hit 205 for 2 last week after slowly adding weight each week.

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So that’s 60 pounds of gain in what, three weeks?

March is when I really started to focus on bench. So that whole month was when I could get to 150 but not past. Started these in April. Week one hit 165, week two hit 175, week 3 hit 185 for 5 and tried for 200 hit that for 3, added 5 more just to see if I could do it and hit it for one.

That’s some amazing progression. Not even people using PEDs make those jumps.