Cellucor Iso Pro Review - Free Sample

This review is for Cellucor’s new Iso Pro grass-fed whey isolate.

I’ll also send a couple of samples to a few people who comment and ask!

Many of you have read the article on the Priceplow blog describing the product but I am going to give you a guys a first hand account. Let’s get into it.

Naturally, I elected to start with the “Fruity Cereal” flavor. We have likely all had or heard of MAN Sports’ “Loopy Fruit” Iso-Protein, or Sparta Nutrition’s “Loopy Fruit” Spartan Whey. They are both very good tasting proteins and both have undisclosed labels.

Cellucor’s Iso Pro has some big shoes to fill to keep pace in this cereal flavored whey market.

So what is special about Iso Pro?

Regarding calories and macros, Iso Pro is a competitive whey isolate:

110 calories / 2g carbs / 25g protein (all whey isolate) / 0.5g fat / 0g sugar.

Iso Pro uses strictly PRONATIV whey as its only protein source. The blog covered this pretty well, so I’ll summarize. PRONATIV is a whey isolate from 100% grass-fed beef. Although no studies have confirmed the benefits of using whey from grass-fed beef, there is plenty of data to show that grass-fed beef is far superior in nutrient and protein quality.

The question is, do these benefits transfer to whey? As mentioned, it hasn’t been proven…yet.

But there are certainly environmental benefits by supporting grass-fed beef versus grain-fed. Happier cows equal better quality beef, so it seems plausible that some of those nutrient benefits would transfer to the cow’s milk, right?

I tend to think it should be a healthier option compared to grain-fed beef. That is my opinion. But I would prefer to drink my whey from a cow who ate the way God intended it to eat! Free roaming a pasture eating grass…not trapped in a stall eating grain/corn.

Okay, what’s inside the tub?

Let’s take a look. When I broke the seal, I was overwhelmed with the smell of Fruit Loops. It was incredible! It was pretty easy to detect. Sometimes with protein, it takes me a moment to find the right “smell” but with Iso Pro “Fruity Cereal,” it was evident that the aroma was Fruit Loops from the moment I opened it.

What about the taste?

You guys know I like to blend my protein with cashew milk and ice for an authentic milkshake experience. This was no exception!

The results…

So it looks like a regular strawberry flavored whey. Don’t be so quick to judge.
I didn’t waste any time and started sipping. When trying a new product, I take a sip, wait a moment then take another sip, then let me wife take a sip…just to make sure I am fair with my assessment.

Well, this cereal… I mean, protein shake… tastes phenomenal. Fruity Pebbles is the taste equivalent - hands down, no questions asked. My wife agreed - I didn’t even tell her the flavor. I just asked her to tell what it tasted like.

This protein doesn’t have a crappy after taste. I am not a fan of dyes or coloring - but it’s a small price to pay for supporting happy cows. I also do not enjoy any fruit flavored proteins - but this has made me reconsider if I will always keep one in my pantry.

This is the best “fruity cereal” type of flavor I have tried for a whey protein and definitely the best smelling. Imagine sticking your nose inside of a freshly opened box of fruit loops, and that is the experience you will get when you open up a tub of Iso Pro “Fruity Cereal!”

This is highly recommended fellas. It definitely gets my stamp of approval. I didn’t steer you guys wrong with Spartan Whey, and this protein is equally good.

Cellucor’s proteins have never disappointed on label claim or taste. Iso Pro is no exception!


  1. Taste and smells incredible (Taste = Fruity Pebbles / Smell = Fruit Loops)
  2. Taste is sweeter than MAN sports or Spartan Whey by a bit and overall is better (my opinion).
  3. Clean label and uses only whey protein isolate.
  4. The PRONATIV whey is 94% isolate and comes from grass-fed cows. You’re supporting cows and could likely be having a more nutrient filled whey protein with Iso Pro.
  5. I am not sure if this flavor cracks my top 5 list but it’s come closer than any Fruity flavored protein before it. Nothing against fruity flavors, but I’ve always been a Chocolate, Peanut Butter, CnC, or Cinnamon guy in regards to protein taste. This one changed my perception of how good a fruit flavored whey can be.

Very glad I tried it and it’s nice to think I’m supporting the happy cow community.


Sounds interesting. I am always willing to try new proteins and flavors.

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That looks pretty good honestly. I usually stick to plain jane chocolate or vanilla protein but I think I gotta give this a try. Awesome review!

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I will happily try the Fruity cereal flavor! I had a bad run in with Cellucors Cor-Whey. I had the strawberry and it was TERRIBLE. I literally went into work and threw it to my manager, and said “you can have this crap”. She loved it

It’s funny how people can rave about products but then someone has a bad experience with it.
I remember buying some Iso-100 from Dymatize one time from an online retailer as a BOGO Free.

They tasted horrible - but I knew Iso-100 tasted good from past experiences. Maybe some tubs get stored in improper temperatures, or something. I probably wouldn’t want a tub of a dairy product that had been in a smoldering room for months on end.

Sorry about the bad experience though. I’ll send you some of this to see if it is any better.

The Cellucor rep team were/are extremely proud of the flavoring for this… so I’m glad it lived up to the hype (based on this review) :smiley:

Stellar review w/ details!

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Do you need me to send you my address? I’m kind of hoping you don’t know where I live…no offense of course :sweat_smile:

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Have always been a fan of Cellucor’s Whey protein, they are flavored very well, mix very easy, and bake incredibly well. Good to see them making bigger and better things with unique flavors.

They need to bring back the Corfetti, S’mores, and Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Flavors


It’ll be an exciting day if Nutrabolt brings some of those flavors over for Iso Pro!

I do miss Cor-Fetti!

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Lol. None taken - way to make me paranoid. Not sure I’ll ever post my address on here now either!

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Lol send me your address and social security # and I’ll send you all the free samples you want :joy:. I would rather text it , in case one of you characters hack priceplow


I hear you guys. We can do a Craigslist meet where we go inside a Starbucks during the day time. Lol.


Large coffee and you all can see me when I’m stimmed out of my gord. Heard I’m a riot when I’m hyped


Just got this in. Smells great!

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Anyone notice a slight citrus flavor in the cereal one?

You tried baking with them yet!?
I have always found Cellucor to bake really well
I just made some pancakes with the regular Cor Whey

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Not yet. Just got it yesterday. Since they are fruit flavored, it will have to be something that compliments the flavor. I bet a strawberry cake would be good!

It’s a very fine/thin isolate - so my guess is that cooking would be less than ideal - but I could be wrong.

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Thin protein powders (like isolates) or regular whey means it makes a better baked product.
This allows it to rise to its peak. Thicker protein powders like casein will bind and hold down the product which is ideal for cheesecakes or thicker recipes (peanut butter cups, bread pudding, rice pudding).

For rising recipes (Cakes, muffins, pancakes, brownies) you want a thinner protein powder or a basic whey. Some blends do bake decent (PES Select) but for the most part thin = rise more. Thicker = better for binding. That is what I get out of it after doing it for 7 years and baking with protein.


I learned something new today. : )

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I got over 200+ Recipes on Youtube. Give em a look @Bkupniewski