Cellucor C4 Smart Energy Drinks

Cellucor C4 Smart Energy Drinks



Cotton Candy - It certainly tastes like cotton candy, and I would expect nothing less from Cellucor and how well they flavor their carbonated beverages. It has a familiar sweetness to the original c4 original carbonated, but with an extra hint of density in the flavoring. It provides a powdery mouthfeel allowing passive sips to resemble the spun sugar confection. At no point drinking the beverage did I feel the flavoring was overpowering or too sweet to turn consumers away. Cellucor found a middle ground on replicating cotton candy with a bold flavor. If you were a fan of the original c4 carbonated then you will easily enjoy this one as well.


200mg InnovaTea® Natural Caffeine
250mg Cognizin® Citicoline (Mental Focus)
200mg N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (Support Mood)
An anytime energy drink
Zero Calories, Sugar, Carbs
NO Artificial Colors or Dyes
Natural Flavors

Changes from Original C4 Energy Drink

  • No Beta-Alanine
  • No Citrulline Malate
  • No Betaine


  • Great Long-Lasting Energy
  • Incredible Flavor
  • No Artificial Dyes or Colors

Good review Bob
Love the comparison to the original C4 Carbonated


No other store has any other flavors besides cotton candy so I had to roll with it!
I will be grabbing the other flavors 100% These are AWESOME

definitely going to have to try these out!!

I will most likely order freedom and the electric sour flavor very soon since we have em on sale at CP. After trying CC the flavoring was as good if not better then the OG C4 Carbonated which says a lot.

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Better than the OG flavors!? Heck yes!