Cellucor C4 New Formula is Out! (G4 4th Generation)

BIG news everyone! Cellucor has released several new products, the most important of which is the New Cellucor C4 Formula! Let’s cut to the chase and discuss the changes below: Cellucor C4 New Formula vs. C4 Extreme – The Comparison Below you can see the old one (C4 Extreme) is …
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how does this compare to ANS Ritual?

It's more money for less active ingredients... In our opinions, Theacrine (at least at this dose) just wasn't enough to make up ground for Cellucor. They'll sell millions, but we'll stick with more aggressively-dosed products.

Thanks! so Ritual is still #1 on the list?

Ok they removed the advanta z if you know about this ingredient it does dial up the energy in preworkout supplements I just purchased the new version of this I'll give you the results