Care Package from MAN Sports

Care Package from MAN Sports


Just in from MAN Sports! All because I said thanks for putting in the right ingredient into a supplement… what a novel idea!

CJ’s already raving about his Brain Bridge so I can’t wait to get that going.

The Sprinkle Donut protein was a bit too sweet even for me, but if you are the kind to order a sprinkle donut flavor protein, you’d probably enjoy it!! Good aftertaste to me… kinda wondering if this would make for an excellent coffee creamer protein, it has a good mouthfeel that makes me think it would.


Very nice!


whoa, 2 tubs of Protein, that’s like whole paycheck right dere


Nice work there


Good stuff right there!


Stoked for the review videos!

Brain Bridge/nootropics in general have peaked my interest based off the glowing reviews of some of them. I think I’m between Brain Bridge and Nootropimax at the moment.


I can tell you Blongo…that based on the review by PP on Nootropimax I purchased it and love it. I take it on days I don’t train the and the effects are noticeable. Increased energy and I believe Mike summed it up best in the video - you just want to accomplish something big. It really helps while working from home when you need to knock a few things out . I really like it. It’s made me now consider HyperMax as well…


Great to know. Thank you for your experience! It may be time to get me a nootropic, perhaps Nootropimax. I have some plans I need to get better focused on, and non-training days with a nootropic sound like a solid combo to do so.

I’m done derailing the thread now, carry on about MAN Sports greatness… :slight_smile:


you guys def need to do a review of nootropics, been messing around with a few but would love to know your take since your exposure is so much higher than me :frowning:


We’re slowly getting more. Robert and CJ should have Brain Bridge up soon, and I sent in a minute about my thoughts too.

Overall, I’m huge on Brain Bridge. I’ve completely turned on a dime on my thoughts on l-theanine and am all about it now.

Honest truth is that I like drinking my stims. Nootropimax is easily my favorite feel, but I have been reaching for ATP Aspire (now too expensive IMHO) or Brain Bridge (lower caffeine but gets the job done) the past week.

And for the couple of times I wanted to rock my face off, RXS Radiate, but that’s more of a thermo with some proprietary blended focus stuff in it.

I think Robert’s been enjoying SNS Focus XT caffeine-free lately. Focus XT is awesome but due for an upgrade, which I think comes in the New Year???


How about a review on the Sprinkled Donut and Loopy Fruit flavors? Since these flavors just released, we could all benefit from reviews! It’d be good PR for Man Sports, too.

Does it taste anything like a Donut? Hah. ProSupps Glazed Donut tasted pretty bad to me…


I think those are coming from the guys.

Loopy Fruit tastes just like I remember TRIX (more than Froot Loops but close enough!!)

Sprinkle Donut is crazy sweet but isn’t my cup of tea. I think the guys thought it was more of a “maple glaze”.

Sprinkle donut DOES taste amazing in coffee, but mixes terribly in it unfortunately. Woulda been a great combo but too many clumps for that purpose.

Haven’t tried ProSupps protein ever. I wonder what happened to their amion acid spiking lawsuit, a few of those cases never even got served, it turns out. Weird!


That’s encouraging! Oh Yeah’s Maple Glazed Donut one bar is pretty legit for donut flavored supps.

ProSupps recovered well from the amino spiking issue. They have complete transparency now. They (Like Man Sports and Dymatize) are another Dallas based company. The market here is competitive, and the average consumer is getting smarter about the quality of their supplements. Hopefully supplement label deception is a thing of the past.