Carbonated Fuel Attempt

Carbonated Fuel Attempt

@Matt_Towson I gave the carbonated Fuel a whirl! Here it is step by step…

Well I had some videos, but have no idea how to upload them, I don’t do YouTube or anything like that. Anyways, overall it was fairly successful. It mixed real well and kept its carbonation for the most part. Now, is it identical to an Energy Drink, not quite, but you still get a bit of Carbonation in it, and it mixes together nicely! Overall it was a lot of fun, and I may be trying this more in the future! So it turns out to be a poor mans energy drink and its cheaper, so it is good enough in my book! Worth a shot.

Of course I drink it down fairly fast, so it doesn’t just stick around as long of course, but you get the idea!

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White frost and Baja breeze are carbonated powders
Grab them if they come back!


I LOVE White Frost Fuel. Mixed with like 6-8 oz COLD water, it’s amazing. The carbonation was actually surprisingly noticeable. Not the same levels as a White Monster, but still appreciated and enjoyable. I would STRONGLY recommend it as a great way to save money if you regularly drink White Monster. It’s the only supplement I’ve bought (and would buy again) purely because I enjoy drinking it, as opposed to buying supplements for benefits and taste being a “bonus” if it’s good.

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Thats a good idea man. I’m going to have to try that Fuel , take a break from my C4 carbonated and Raze. Try something new.

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You know where to get the deals from!
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