Canola oil linked to worsened memory and learning ability in Alzheimer's

Spotted from this article here:

I’m so surprised that an oil from the RAPESEED plant turns out to be toxic!!


Just remember, these are healthier than coconut oil and butter because they’re low in saturated fats!

Joking or serious?

My bad. I thought it would be more obviously a joke. Maybe I should have inserted a laughing emoji? Anyway, totally was not serious. But I know there was an article circulating Facebook a while back talking about how horrible coconut oil is and the head of the AHA said he doesn’t know why anyone ever thought it was healthy. Has he ever even read a study before? Like the alternative would be this crap right here.

Macadamia, coconut, red palm(debatable), butter, avocado, lard or nothing for me

Ha ok good, I kinda thought so!!

Yeah that AHA paper was the biggest piece of bullshit propaganda I encountered all year. Just look at who funds them, not surprising.

I wanted to make a killer blog post and video attacking it, but no time, and it’s kinda out of the media now anyway.

Avocado oil + butter (half and half) is how I’ve been doing my eggs. Avocado oil seems pretty underrated. Great mix and it works very well.

Why half and half of the oils? Is it a flavor thing? Or is there something specific you want from each type of oil?

I used to scramble myself 6-8 eggs in about 3 tablespoons of butter and top it with whole milk cheddar cheese. Taste was phenomenal, and enough fat to make the AHA cry!

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Butter’s a bit too strong of a flavor for me, and sometimes I’m cooking onions or something else and it burns a bit. Avocado doesn’t, and I like monounsaturated fats in the diet

I’ve never noticed differences in burning with different oils. That’s pretty interesting. I’ll have to try avocado oil sometime.

Yeah, different oils have different scalding points. And when an oil begins to scald, characteristics change.

So a bunch of zealots will be like “you can’t fry things in olive oil because it will scald and you die of cancer” or whatever… but it turns out that those pesky Mediterranean dieters live for damn near ever and they love cooking things in olive oil.

So who knows. I just like half butter half oil :oil_drum:

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