Can Your Genes Affect Whether or Not Caffeine Gives You Performance Enhancement?

Can Your Genes Affect Whether or Not Caffeine Gives You Performance Enhancement?

…in cycling, at least

I am AC… if you look at the full text (link) you’ll see that there was a faster time for those folks, but not like the AA crew. CC got significantly slower.

Interestenge. Would love to have far more genotyped studies like this. Collect data, throw it into the computers and see if they can find any interesting patterns.


So do you mean Skinny Genes ?


So, how exactly did you know your genotype?


I did 23andMe. Which kinda sucks because I know (((they’re))) studying my bloodlines and cloning me and all that evil stuff now, but hey I get to know things like this now!

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Do you at least get to use your clone’s organs Island-style? That’s the least they can do for you really.

Or you can use your clone to do studies that have the same exact subjects in more than one group!

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If research of this type interest you I encourage you to subscribe to Genome magazine. It is free and comes about 6 times a year. They were discussing something similar regarding prescription medications. Turns out their are certain individuals who will receive greater pain relief from ibuprofen than morphine. This makes me wonder now when people get labeled drug seekers in healthcare(these are people who we suspect are exaggerating or outright lying about their pain in order to receive additional/more potent opiates) if they are these poor souls who simply receive no relief from opiates. They even told a very sad story about a newborn who died of respiratory depression due to mom receiving codeine and being a hyper-responder thus converting ultra-efficiently codeine to morphine(another reason I am not a fan of pro-drugs but that a whole different rant lol.)

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The article also spoke to the future where our genes and individual response to medications will be listed similarly to how we currently list allergies. This would allow a physician/NP/PA to tailor medication to ones genes, pretty cool.


Now this is definitely a study i’d love to know more about


I think this is where things need to go eventually. It’s pretty clear that some of us get f’d up like crazy by certain drugs and it’s time to seriously correlate against genome in the pre trials.

“Statistically significant improvement” is no longer enough. Now it’s time to figure out what these responders and non-responders had in common. Get enough data points (which drug trials should have) and software can at least give some strong leads.


There are some interesting interactions between genetics and personality as well.

One of the more interesting ones are some of the variations in the MAOA gene that reduce its effectiveness, meaning dopamine and adrenaline receptors stay activated longer which increases aggression/risk of violent behavior.

Actually I am kind of wondering how those people react to stimulants vs the rest of the population.


I’ve looked at this because Jill has this “blood type diet” book, which I thought was total BS… but then it said my blood type may like stimulants more because of that gene. So I looked it up and boom there was actually a study on it.

But now I’m thinking - blood type was the best “data abstraction” at the time that book was written, but a more clear picture would be at the gene level, whereas blood type is a far murkier (but possibly correlated?) abstraction?

Either way I don’t follow a blood type diet but did think it was interesting.