Can teenagers consume brain supplements for memory boosting?

I usually struggle to cope with academic obligations. Can I take the support of brain supplements?

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I don’t believe companies can legally recommend anything to people under the age of 18

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As much as I get stressed, those supplements won’t save your or anyone from the education obligations. A discipline schedule and organization is more essential than supplements. As much as I like supplements, they are no magic pill. I’d guess that a lot of people take them under that false narrative— seeing how much they are advertised for “cognitive benefits.”

Teenagers should approach brain supplements for memory cautiously. It’s best to consult a healthcare professional, prioritize a healthy lifestyle, and seek academic support if memory or cognitive challenges arise. Self-prescribing supplements is not recommended due to potential risks and a lack of regulation in the industry.

I’d recommend getting 8 hours of sleep each night and get in the gym…