Can anyone suggest some nootropics without mood enhancement

Can anyone suggest some nootropics without mood enhancement

I’ve tried a few such as shrederall, nootrimax. I’ve truest pres and fat burners that are created with nootropic features, but I’m looking for one with the cognitive benefits, but won’t enhance my mood.

I’m looking for focus more than a hype or happy mood change.


I personally haven’t tried it but @Mike sepaks highly of SNS Focus XT.


Could also try straight Alpha-GPC in capsule form like @NutraBio sells.


Genius Consciousness is also another product worth looking into.


Fan of Nootropimax, Mainframe, and Big Noise


What was your experience ? Pure focus, no happy feelings? Let me say, I’m not bashing that element of these products, It serves its purpose in dieting, and for those who are always caught under dark clouds of sadness for whatever reason, but I’m relatively happy when it’s warranted, so I feel odd when things aren’t as happy yet I’m happy, but when the sup wears off, I’m just down again.

I don’t like that wear off the next day or on days where I’m not taking it. It feels odd to be super joyful just because of a supplement.

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I read about it right after I wrote this post. I’m curious about that now. Sufficient eggs plus that would get me the daily dosage of choline(? For give me if I’m wrong) a day, so I think that would be good for what I’m looking into.


Nootrimax was good. 2 pills and I was working working working. I don’t know if my mood was elevated or not though. Let me hear experiences you guys have had on the suggested- if you’ve personally tried.

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Eggs will give you sufficient choline, but I still think that a “premium” choline source like CDP or GPC can provide a little extra cognitive boost.

Also, you can use some choline (CDP or GPC) with huperzine and Noopept (or piracetam). NootropiMax uses these three, so if you want some of the cognitive benefits from it without the mood boosting effects (from the sceletium, bacopa, etc.) Those three could form the basis of a good stack that’s should have minimal effects on mood. Perhaps some ALCAR and/or l-tyrosine as well.


That’s one I have to try. I’ve been LOVING the Genius Digestion! Haven’t had something work as well as this ever.



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I really enjoy Mind IQ from Juggernaut. A prob blend - but it makes me feel great.

MainFrame from Method is okay.

Not a huge fan of Man Sport’s Brain Bridge even though people talk it up.


Didn’t OP say he’s looking for something that doesn’t really impact mood/feelings? It looks like Mind IQ would be mostly mood/energy as opposed to improving cognition without impacting mood/feeling.

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Hard to say since it’s a prob blend. I must have misread because I thought he asked for one that “did improve mood.”

Thanks for point that out - I wouldnt recommend Mind IQ IG that’s the case!


I am not trying to derail this thread but aren’t nootropics designed to have mood boosting effects? For example choline. Since choline is required to make acetylcholine, wouldn’t this effect one’s mood?

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Yes, but it won’t be as pronounced as something like sceletium for mood, or some other herbal things that are intended to reduce anxiety, or stimulants and related things that are often in with nootropic blends to provide energy and and mood boosts (the word “euphoria” is thrown around a lot, and is an exaggeration, but is the sort of feeling a lot of them aim for).

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I’ll put this in order of my favorite Nootropics to date:

  1. The High Performer II - Noowave (Yes this has Macuna Pruriens, so that may disqualify it, but it works great)

  2. Gamer Up - CL (Bubble gum flavor is delicious, never felt a mood change)

  3. Focus XT - SNS (this may fit your requirements as well, but it does have Choline)

Just my 2 cents.

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Ah! So choline effects mood? I guess my confusing comes from the fact that sups tend to give such a pronounced effect. Of course food changes our mood, but I doubt it does anything like sups. Choline in AGCP Plus 3 eggs a day may be the closest thing to what I’m looking for.

Like I said I’ve used pre’s, burners, and even nootropics and I’ve had that Uber change in mood. It’s cool, no lie, but not what I’m looking for all the time. What I’m looking for is the focus and clarity of mind for work related matters. Thanks for all the help guys! If you have any other suggestions, feel free to add them. :+1:t5:


Have you looked into phenylpiracetam, adranifil, flmodafinil(CRL-40-940), fladrafinil(CRL-40,941), modafinil or armodafinil for the boost in focus?