Campus Protein White Frost Fuel

Campus Protein White Frost Fuel

Y’all know me. A sucker for “new” and “fun” products. @TheSolution sent me some of the White Frost Fuel, as many claims have compared it favorably to a White Monster Ultra Zero (my morning energy source). Excuse my tiny espresso cup.

Quick notes:

It’s very close to resembling a Monster’s taste. Of course it isn’t carbonated, so it lacks an element of drinking a carbonated beverage, but the grapefruit taste really shines.

I used water stored in my fridge (always a cool 38 degrees) to make sure it tasted cool and crisp. Fuel definitely has some fizz and bubbles. I could seriously consider switching to this as my morning pick me up due to price (40 cents per serving), BUT I prefer 150-200mg of caffeine for my “morning pick me up.” Not trying to be picky, but it’s personal preference. Fuel has 250mg of caffeine. But, I know a lot of you guys have much better caffeine tolerance than I.

I’ll probably grab a tub a play with water to scoop ratio and find a a solid middle ground. It’s not as good as White Monster, but by far the best attempt to mimic the flavor/texture.


Thanks for your honesty Matt!