Campus Protein - Buyer Beware

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up if you plan on ordering from Campus Protein. Now, grant it, this is my first time ordering from them but it hasn’t been pleasant so far. I placed an order on Saturday, Sept. 15th. I got an email stating it was shipped Monday, the 17th. The tracking number given never updates. It only says " In Transit" which can mean anything. I have got no message or email response back from the company either. If it was really shipped Monday, I should have gotten it by now. The 2 locations it could have shipped from are Ohio and Illinois, right next door to Indiana. I will not be buying from them again.
Has anyone else had these problems ?

Crazy, I’ve had the opposite experience with them. One order where an item ended up being out of stock, they called me and offered me a more expensive replacement product at no additional charge. Maybe @TheSolution can help you out

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You are lucky then or I am unlucky…LOL It’s just bad service to me. I get much quicker shipments and better communication from “underground” sources than this place.
A1 Supps and Tiger Fitness are fast on shipping and good customer service.

Did you ever email me your invoice # and order #? If so I can look into your situation ASAP
That is why I have my deals thread in another subsection so you can use me as a resource (With my email address and coupon codes) for your order.

You also went out on a huge limb thinking it shipped from 2 local locations. We have over 9 warehouses in NYC, Conn, NC (One which had a lot of inventory and got hit by the hurricane), and also plenty on the west coast. A lot of orders had to ship from the west coast warehouses pending inventory and what you bought… Where stuff is allocated I don’t know as a rep only HQ would know that.

Inventory is allocated to each individual warehouse to help speed up shipping. If your closest warehouses are out of stock of the things you buy they come from other warehouses. Given mother nature hit one of our most popular warehouses there was a lot of delays during welcome week (our biggest sale of the year). Combine over thousands of orders, and a warehouse down that contained a lot of inventory you are left with missing items, delayed shipments, and we also sold out of almost everything on sale.

You did order very late in the sale which is probably why your order was delayed (the company was behind in orders due to hurricane), and trying to find the closest places to ship and get items to customers.
I know for a fact a lot of my customers got their stuff either super quick (under 24 hours) when ordering earlier in the week. As the deals went on things got slower (due to the influx of orders), and if you would of emailed me or sent me any kind of communication I most likely could of had it reshipped or checked into.

Our CS guy is on the road right now in Ohio and Texas doing school tours demoing C4 cans at major universities and his communication is scarce. The company is looking to hire a customer support lead to the massive surge or sales over the last 2 years to help fix these issues and have faster communication.

That is why I give my email address every time I post up new deals, and ask for invoices and order #'s this way if something goes wrong, an item is damage, or there is a long delay in shipping I can get faster communication to HQ and get to the bottom of issues instantly. Not to mention I give away a lot of free products on a monthly basis to win for your support.

I just PM’d you my order number. If you want to check on it, that would be cool. My problem is no communication back on their end. If what you are saying is correct, maybe some disclaimer on the website or email the customer and let them know why there are delays. My beef is no return on checking on status. And if its true, according to being shipped on Monday, there is NO reason why I haven’t gotten it yet, even if it was shipped from California. Unless maybe they shipped it bulk rate which no supplement company does. I am just extremely disappointed in my first dealing with them. No offense but I won’t order from them again.

I’ve never had any issues with Campus Protein when ordering from them. Granted, it’s been a little while since I’ve placed an order with them but I’ve always had a great experience. More often than not, I’ve experienced quicker shipping than when ordering from most big name sites and they usually throw in some extra free samples. Also, the reps are easy to reach out to and provide promos/discount codes through social media. Hopefully you get your issues resolved though!

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When did you contact customer service ? Or how many times did you email them?

I just texted the owner of the company with your order# so I can help Expedite the issue and get to the bottom of it.

You should of messaged me after a few days if you were concerned I could of got on this far faster, and if it didn’t ship get it reshipped or refunded at a much quicker rate!

Always hit me up with any CP questions we’ll make sure you get this resolved

Still send me your invoice and order # via email so i can reach out to the help department. Since that is who deals with all issues on orders

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Never mind, it just showed up…lol Thanks for your help and concern @TheSolution


In the future please email me or contact me within a few business days if something seems off. I promise you I will make sure any order or product is taken care of. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I can assure you moving forward that if anything pops up I will be glad to help you out and make sure it goes much smoother.

I’m a fan of Campus Protein / despite the fact that I’m not in college, don’t wear my hat backwards and have no clue who Cardi B is


I appreciate it, the kinds words, and thoughts but I will stick with Tiger Fitness and A1 Supplements, I know I will get my stuff in 2 days, sometimes a day! Plus, I get responses on emails. :slight_smile: To me, customer service is a big reason on whom I choose to do business with no matter what it is, food, retail, etc.

Like I said… Don’t let one fluke push you aside from CP. A lot of customers got their stuff within 24 hours - 48 hours. We pride ourselves on shipping with 9 warehouses and split shipping. You just happened to catch our largest sale (the tail end of it) and dealing with mother nature hitting our largest warehouse delaying our orders. I can promise you going forward if there was an issue you could contact me and have an answer in a very fast turnaround. Anyone else on here who has ordered knows that I can get to the bottom of things very fast. That will not be an issue.

You are pleased to do as you wish. I am just giving you the line of communication you want especially given our prices on snacks and energy drinks are hard to beat when on sale. Same with our BOGO’s on protein.

If you want to place a future order, shoot me an email and I will pay/cover your shipping for the inconvenience

I go where the deals are…Amazon/Tiger Fitness (I think I’ve earned a new hoodie by now), A1, DPS, Suppz…depends won what I want and need…and of course CP

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I’ve received hit or miss CP shipping during big sales, but I’ve learned to wait it out.

I ordered late in the Welcome Week sale (Sunday night, 9/16), and didn’t get a tracking number until Friday (9/21). The package actually came that Friday, 9/21 too, and this isn’t the first time that exact scenario happened. It’s usually worth the wait because of the good deals though.

I have also received orders in less than 24 hours before. Again, a little hit or miss, but everything I order I don’t really need ASAP. I’ll continue being a repeat customer. During sales the shipping time gets a little janky is all, but I expect that. Just wanted to share my experience.

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I ordered an orange Auburn Tigers football shaker from them and received a clear one. I emailed them complaining about it and they said they no longer had the orange one in stock so they gave me what they had left. Nevertheless, the lid cracked within two weeks anyway and I had to throw it away.

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Maybe they are Alabama fans

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I had my reservations about CP over something petty that they posted a while back. This past summer the need came for twice monthly cases of Hyde for the Mrs… CP met that need perfectly. So i have the membership which pays itself off by the second order of each month. This is before whatever deals I can’t pass up from @TheSolution

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