Caffeine-Free Ephedra Products

Caffeine-Free Ephedra Products


In short, I’m looking for products, the best product, that contains ephedra but does not contain caffeine. Due to medical reasons (lots of surgeries and recoveries), caffeine is one drug I cannot have in my system. Ephedra and others are fine. Does anyone have an opinion of the best caffeine-free ephedra product out there? Performing the research is in progress but it’s difficult basing my decisions on Google searches.

Thoughts and ideas? Thanks!



At this point, I’ve found Genius Burn. Their products appear to be the only one available? Thanks.



It appears that even more research is required. Genius Burn products, AZOTH product, Metabolic Nutrition’s ThermoKal, PES Shift, certain EVL products and Introducing MAINFRAME by Method. And there are more out there. The priceplow/google search has greatly helped. Unless someone has any reasonable recommendation, I’m off the more research of all of these products. Regards!



Skip the Thermokal by metabolic nutrition. They don’t list how much Yohimbine is in it and the side effects from a larger dose are a little more intense than caffeine. This is coming from someone who loves yohimbine.


I’m not seeing any ephedra in the products you are listing, are you sure you are thinking of the right products?
Also why do you want ephedra products?


My list of products was just from a Google search. I didn’t read the google results - just the top results page. I’m looking for “brain power”, energy for enhanced physical energy and an overall more outgoing (not the correct word) effect. I used ephedra products for years and had stopped for a number of years. My current lifestyle would lend itself again to using some product(s) to achieve this highly productive lifestyle. Make sense? Thanks.


Got it. Thanks for the information/insight!


Just making sure you are aware that the current ephedra on the market does not contain alkaloids(IE ephedrine).

If you still want that I supplements is likely going to be the place to look, they make a point of carrying ephedra products. But I am guessing theres not going to be much without caffeine.


Yep. No ephedrine. I understand.

I’ve been through the majority of the ephedra products on but I got lazy after going through 15 or so and always seeing caffeine. I’ll perform a thorough search now. Thanks for the good direction.


Well If you don’t find anything If you are looking for energy PEAKATP seems to work well and has quite a few non-caffeine options I would shop around though its pricey.
I am not sure theacrine/related alkaloids would be safe if caffeine isn’t, but take your doctors word over mine.

Other then that adaptogens are the other option, just make sure to get a well standardized one.

For brain power maybe CDP choline, I can give better opinions about it in a few days but it looks promising, it increases dopamine receptor density(its a prodrug to urdine) along with providing choline. Take with DHA.


So it sounds like you don’t even care if you get ephedra or not? You phrased your question kind of weirdly in that case. If you really can’t have any caffeine, you probably shouldn’t be looking for ephedra, not because it would be problematic, but mostly because I highly doubt you’ll find any ephedra products without caffeine. In any case, I’d just look into nootropic formulas, however a lot of those do contain caffeine, so keep an eye on that, Adaptogens would probably be helpful, or even just some stim-free preworkouts.


Thanks again. I’ll check all those options out.


Thanks Jeremy. That helps my understanding on what I’m really looking for.


Teacrine should be fine for the most part given it is NOT a stimulant, only acts like one. Now with that being said, I would think ephedra is stronger than Teacrine


Ephedra is ephedrine free these days, so it should essentially be non-stim. Theacrine is actually pretty similar to caffeine from what I hear. Why do you think it’s not a stimulant?


Actually pretty easy to say, given it’s right on compound solutions page lol (mean that in a non sarcastic tone)


Well you aren’t wrong! I had to go check and they straight up say it’s not a stimulant! Anyway, after trying to dig around a little, what I’m seeing is that theacrine acts primarily through antagonizing adenosine receptors while agonizing dopamine receptors, leading to increased locomotion. This is actually the exact same primary mechanism of caffeine. I’m curious why they say it’s not a stimulant. Interestingly, it also seems that theacrine is formed in plants from caffeine.

This says that theobromine is metabolized to caffeine, caffeine to theacrine, and theacrine to liberine. Kind of suggests they’d all have overlapping effects, but I’d hate to speculate based on chemistry, I suck at that!


Sorry I’m so late to the party here, but what exactly are your goals?

Feeling good?
Stimulant-Free Thermogenesis / Fat Burn / Lipolysis?

The Ephedra nowadays is mostly like a green tea, like others have said, alkaloid-free. The supplements that have it were really powered by PEA alkaloids (from acacia rigidula or senegalia berlandieri) alongside DMAA.

Genius Burn looks like a great formula. I like what those guys are doing, but they’re not cheap products!

PES Shift is a cool way to go caffeine-free, but not necessarily stim-free. A good coffee-topper if you drink coffee and want some ‘bonus’ stims and forskolin.


Oh man, i’m probably no better at chem than you are. It acts as one to an extent but it’s one of my favorite energy/nootropic ingredients on the market. One downside is some forms of it give me the thunder dumps. Great workouts, but almost on cue, the minute i’m done working out, helllllllllllooooooooo handicap stall (need the railing for ride that goes down)