C4 Ultimate review

C4 Ultimate review

@stad0203 sent a tub of the newer version of C4 Ultimate in orange mango for review. Just finished up a tub of Muscletech Black Onyx Shatter in orange mango for comparison.

Profile: Looks like the main differences from the original C4 Ultimate are that they replaced the AAKG, Betaine, and Nitrosigine with a gram of Citrulline Nitrate and a gram of Creatine HCL.

Flavor : The orange mango flavor was much better and smoother than the Muscletech orange mango. The Muscletech was drinkable but had a bitter aftertaste and much stronger orange flavor. The C4 had a more balanced orange mango combination. A side note is that I expected the C4 to mix up clear, it did have a mild orange tint.

Energy: Energy was good. Not too much to say here. I’m glad they left the caffeine at 300mg. 275-300mg is my sweet spot. As long as the caffeine is within that range I don’t notice too much difference between most preworkouts. So as far as energy and focus, the new C4 was about the same as the previous version and the Muscletech Shatter.

Pump: This is where C4 beats the shit out of the Muscletech Shatter. Pumps were good with the Citrulline and Nitrates. The Muscletech Shatter has 6g of Citrulline Malate, 400mg Peak ATP, and 200mg of Hawthorn extract. Needless to say the pumps were just average. I can’t compare it to the previous version of C4 ultimate since it’s been a while since I used it. But from what I can remember the new versions is on par with the old version. Maybe slightly better

To me, the new version of C4 ultimate is a solid 8.5 out of 10. Would like to thank @stad0203 for the opportunity to try this product.


Nice review. I would prefer the previous formula but a nice pwo.

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Thanks for putting this together! Glad you liked it!!


What did you like in other versions?

AAKG + Betaine + Nitrosigine (clinical dosage) > 1 gram of citruline nitrate + creatine hcl, imho.

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I’d agree solid aspects to the old label but have you tried the double up on nitrates in this one?