C4 Ultimate arrived as a brick

C4 Ultimate arrived as a brick

Hey guys,

I bought 4 tubs of C4 Ultimate from an eBay seller. It’s 100% legit, not expired, but 3 of 4 arrived as a literal brick. Like I can’t even break it apart with utensils of any sort. Haven’t tried a hammer/chisel yet though lol.

Any tips on breaking this stuff up? I’ve never encountered this before. Clumpy pre’s yes, a literal tub of rock, no. V sad I can’t use… :frowning:

Oh, and fortunately, the only one not a brick was the orange… Man that one tastes amazing!!

I believe you need to put it in the fridge for a bit…Once you remove it the moisture should help…

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your seller sadly didn’t store it properly, try a blender on pulse, to break it up

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Yeah i’ll try the fridge for sure. Couldn’t hurt!

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They definitely didn’t unfortunately. I could try the blender after the fridge. I’ll experiment lol. I’ll try anything to make this stuff at least mostly powder!

Cellucors packaging is just bad man

I dont think it was sellers fault,

We get brand new ones in from a shipment and sometimes theyre rock solid too

This is one of the reasons I am weary about buying off of eBay when it comes to certain things.
If you had bought from a retailer they would of exchanged them out for you no issues.

I would try the blender idea as stated.

Shit happens all the time to pre workouts mainly ones with pump ingredients. I use a coffee grinder and then move it to a glass container that seals well. In the fridge it goes.

Honestly I didn’t bother reaching out to the vendor because they stated this to save themselves:

Not a huge deal. I got four 20 serv tubs for less than the price of one 20 serv due to the deal and some ebay bucks I had to spend. I’m definitely going to try the blender route. Problem is, I might have to obliterate the tub to get the powder out lol. To the fridge they go!

Definitely toss it in the blender, works like a charm. Mine was slightly clumped and I just scrape some lose with a fork when I need a serving.

Just buy directly from us on those marketplaces (Cellucor FBA on Amazon | Nutrabolt on eBay)… if anything happens, our marketplace engagement team will take care of you!

Regarding the rock-solid powder, it’s really not a packaging issue, but rather a lack of excipients to combat against clumping. Send me a message with the lot and your address… I’ll get you taken care of.

And just an FYI… after finalizing the final active formula for the new C4 Extreme, our R&D team went through 25+ versions of the excipient profile to ensure that the powder isnt going to clump, natural versions won’t discolor, and the list goes on.


This is awesome of you guys to do! Glad to see you all on the board!


Wait… Cellucor is here?! Oh snap welcome to the board and it’s awesome to have you here.

I’ll shoot you a message later when i’m home from work with what I have. That’s insanely generous of you to help out in a situation you don’t even need to be a part of. Wow.

25+ versions of C4 Extreme is… Extreme! Very cool to hear the powder won’t clump.

No worries at all. I was perusing, as I typically do, and saw an opportunity to help!


Customer Service does not get any better than that. Nutrabolt is good people.


Welcome to the board! Rooting for y’all in Clash of the Cans

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Much appreciated!

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Just logged back in from the road and the subjects of the unread messages I missed were ‘Bikini Chicks’ and ‘Battle of the Cans’

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