C4 Strawberry Starburst Review

First I want to say thanks to @stad0203 for the opportunity to try this product.

Flavor: Of the canned C4 lineup this is only the 4th flavor I’ve tried. However, I’ve had many different other brands and flavors in the past. But after drinking 4 of these Strawberry Starburst, I can conclusively say that this is the best tasting canned energy drink I’ve ever had. This shit is very good. Solid 9.5/10.

Effects: On the business end of things there is 200mgs of caffeine and some of the typical pre-workout ingredients. But I’m not sure if these are marketed as pre-workout or energy drinks. Currently, the last 3 pre-workouts I’ve been is using MT Shatter Elite, Hyde Icon, and Hyde xtreme with caffeine ranging from 300-420mgs. So I’m kind of a stim junkie even though I’m an old man, LMAO.

However, I did try the Strawberry Starburst as a pre-workout a couple times. And while a good powdered pre-workout is a better option. For a light/quick 30 minute workout or cardio it serves it’s purpose. But where it really shines is an energy drink. One day I drank one and just got up as started disassembling several of my guitars for maintenance. The 12oz 150mg version of the C4 Smart Energy doesn’t have that effect.

In conclusion, overall as an energy drink, this product in Strawberry Starburst is a 9.5/10. As a pre-workout 7/10 for light workouts. The only minor gripe I can think of is the prop blend label. But as an energy drink that’s really irrelevant. Oh did I mention the flavor, lol

On an off note, if it doesn’t already exist. I would love to see the Starburst flavors come in an assorted 12 pack with 3 cans of all 4 flavors.

Thanks again…


Thanks for the review!!

Assorted pack is a good idea, at release they did I will shoot the idea back up the ladder.


Absolutely love this flavor.
Thanks for taking the time to write out a review