C4 Starburst variety pack review

I was fortunate to try out the 4 new flavors of the C4 Energy Starburst drinks, and they did not disappoint!

Lemon: I didn’t think I would like this one as I am not a big lemon fan. It doesn’t taste like other lemon drinks on the market, this one is much much better. Smooth refreshing taste that is great in the warm weather

Orange: Tastes a lot like the normal orange C4 energy drink but I like the Starburst one a little bit better. It has a better underlying taste that is more than a normal orange flavor, kind of hard to explain. It tastes exactly like the orange starburst in drink form!

Cherry: I generally don’t like the taste of cherry, but this one tasted exactly like the cherry Starburst. This flavor is really good, coming in at my 2nd favorite flavor out of the 4. It’s almost a mixture of fruit punch and cherry but it is much tastier than other cherry energy drinks out there

Strawberry: This is by far the best tasting energy drink I have ever tried. This is amazing, as soon as I tried it I went back online and bought another pack of 12. I really like strawberry flavored products but this one is definitely the best one i’ve tried.

Cellucor did an amazing job yet again with this latest launch of the Starburst flavors. Each flavor oddly tastes exactly like a Starburst candy, but in the form of an energy drink… no idea how they do it but they are on point!


Thanks for posting, glad you enjoyed them!


Strawberry is GOAT
I worry about people who think otherwise :blush:

Love the review
Thanks for taking the time to post

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