C4 Starburst Cherry Review

So here is my review after winning this for thanksgiving. Big thanks to @stad0203 for the opportunities.

So, getting to the point, I say this is a 3/5

Would I recommend this? Yeah! if you like c4, or like entry level RTD pre workout/energy drinks, this is good. I call this entry level because it is not over stimmed or full of exotic stuff. I am not a fan of over stimmed drinks, or most of the grocery store stuff like reign or monster( taste and effect are both terrible). But let’s look at the nuance of this drink for a deeper analysis.

Effect: There is not much to say here, which is a good thing. C4 delivers as advertised. If you have tried their energy drinks before you know what to expect. I like it because it’s primed for fitness, but you don’t feel crazy like you’re on a stimmed out pre workout. Honestly, It is on par with my normal state when I really look forward to the gym. I mean to say is, when I am really focused, I’m super alert. This is like that, but with added Batallanine and flavor. That is all you really should ask for in my opinion.

I have had over-stimulated pre’s and energy drinks that leave you with an unnatural feeling and a crazy crash. This does not do that.

Taste: Now this is the tricky part. I want to be honest because I like C4 and want the best for the product line and fans. I like the drink, but I feel like there is a lot to be gained in taste with a reformulation. This one is good, but I feel like the starburst element could be better. Is it good? Yeah. But honestly, the cross over flavor thing is big right now with companies, and I have had some better first impressions taste wise with other drinks.

A suggestion I would give to C4 fans or anyone interested in this drink, try the starburst line, I mean the whole line, testing them all. You may find one that is amazing for you. C4 is doing good, but 2022 should be a year of greater improvements.


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Thanks for your thoughts.

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Looking forward to trying the Skittles. Hopefully they went in with a heavier hand on the flavor intensity, because the Starburst was very faint.


Get my skittles in today. Crushing one tomorrow!


Interested to hear your thoughts

That’s what I’m hoping, too.

To give a good comparison, or a good example of what I would like, if you have had Ghost, their collabs are much more on point taste wise (although the blue and red sour patch kids both taste alike.) Even their watermelon sour warhead is really strong taste wise. For me, flavor is a big deal breaker.

C4 smart flavors are a bit stronger than the pre workout RTD’s. This could also be reason for why the taste is faint— perhaps the ingredient profile limits the flavor.

You might be right, I usually drink the smart energy variant, which is definitely more flavorful.

@stad0203 @burntreality are the collabs going to be hitting the smart energy as well?

@Msseffect as of right now no
We’ve asked the same question as well on calls. Would love to see these in the Smart Energy


Why was SBB discontinued? Did not sell well?
I also heard that Electric Sour Smart energy is being discontinued? Same reason

SBB is not discontinued

Electric Sour is set to be discontinued

Hmmm . Any reason why SBB was being pulled from some sites in C4 Ultimate? VS had cases like $15


now its out of stock
Maybe its just the ultimate can not the regular c4?

what does sour batch bros taste like?

Sour patch kids

I thought the Cherry was the best of the 4 Starburst flavors. Lemon was probably the worst one to me.