C4 Smart Energy Review

C4 Smart Energy Review

I think you all know I’m a huge fan of a lot of Nutrabolt products. C4 carbonated has been my #1 favorite as a morning energy drink.

I really prefer nootropic-like focus benefits as opposed to pure caffeinated energy. Smart Energy seemed promising as a possible go-to, to give me my carbonated energy drink, alongside the nootropic aid.

C4 Energy vs Smart Energy:
The main difference between this and the standard C4 Energy, seems to be the replacement of Beta-Alanine for Cognizin. Say bye to tingles and hello to pure focus. I’m really impressed with the lasting mental sharpness that one can of Smart Energy provides.

This is perfect for a mid-day brain fog elixir or a great way to prime the brain before work/school/gym. I will be getting all flavors soon!

Adam provided me with the Freedom Ice flavor. I suspected it would taste identical to C4 Energy “Bombsicle.” It actually was quite different! This flavor is a bit more mild but much more refreshing. I think the citrus is much more mellow, a tad less sweet, and less harsh on the touché/throat. I would say the level of carbonation for Smart Energy is more closely aligned with a 3D energy.

As you can see from the picture, a huge plus is that C4 continues to steer clear of artificial colors/dyes for these drinks. That’s a huge plus for me and should be for everybody.

Fanatic product and I would highly recommend!


I need to make the purchase on CP and pick up a case of each, but god damn my energy drink stash would just keep piling up



I prefer my white monster for taste, but this is my favorite new RTD in terms of benefits.


Im a sucker for Merica Energy and OG C4, but I can only imagine nutrabolt crushed the flavoring. Which is pretty standard for them.

strong declaration right here!

Solely due to the Cognizin.

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Thanks for the review Matt !

Very nice, I do like the thought behind this in comparison to all the carbonated drinks out there.