C4 smart energy review(icy blue razz)

Another giveaway review

The formula is the same as the previous smart energy I reviewed, and I am still a fan of it. CPD choline is a good addition.

These sell for around 2$ a can, around what monster sells for. I think they are a great deal at that price.

The flavor on this, and the other flavors I’ve tried is strong in comparison to other energy drinks. It’s a good bit less acidic then the electric sour, which makes it easier to use as a daily drink.

I would overall describe it as a better version of the blue raspberry flavor seen in preworkouts. It’s sweet and easy to drink, with a slight hint of raspberry which I want more of. If they come out with a regular raspberry flavor I would definitely buy it.

Overall the flavor is good, but not my favorite. I imagine if you like blue raspberry you will like this.


Thanks for the review, glad you liked it!

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