C4 Smart Energy Peach Mango Nectar Review

A few weeks back I won a giveaway here on PricePlow for a case of my flavor choice of C4 Smart Energy.I enjoy both Peach and Mango (especially in my craft beers!), I decided on the Peach Mango Nectar. It did not let me down at all. The taste is light and refreshing. Neither the peach nor the mango are overwhelming - just a consistent, flavorful blend.
I like the fact that it is sugar free.
I tried these in a variety of ways. Grabbed one instead of coffee when I went out the door in the morning. Sipped on one before and during physical activities - softball tournaments, weightlifting and bicycling.For the softball and the bicycling, I poured it into a different container so it would not spill. Also sipped on one when I was on a long road trip and the driving got tedious.
It kept me active, alert and focused on the task at hand. On the ball fields, I especially like the focus as I feel that I am more aware of the situations and when I am playing the outfield, I am focused on my positioning and watching every pitch closely. Same goes for batting.
Cellucor has been a leader in producing fine products and flavors and I feel like they hit this one out of the park!


Huge thanks for the review
Glad you enjoyed these

Glad you liked these!!

They kept this 66 year old going!!

Gotsta keep moving and active

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