C4 Smart Energy Drinks - Flavor Review

C4 Smart Energy Drinks - Flavor Review

Peach Mango Nectar - Peach is the dominant flavor with a hint of the sweetness of the Mago. This is a very well done flavor for peach lovers that doesn’t have an artificial taste that is common in other brands. 9 of 10, hope to see other fruit flavors from Cellucor

Freedom Ice - Not your typical “Bombsicle” flavor that has flooded the market . Cherry is the dominant flavor in this one with a slight tartness at the end. Not overly sweet or extremely tart, which makes it enjoyable to sip on. 8.5 out of 10

Cotton Candy - As the name suggest, this is meant to replicate a cotton candy flavor, which it succeeds on. Not an overly sweet cotton candy flavor for those concerned about it becoming repugnant. Very enjoyable cotton candy flavor for those that prefer sweeter flavors. 8.5 out of 10

Electric Sour - I was hoping this one would be similar to the sour batch bro’s , which is one of my favorite RTDs. It’s not quite like that one, not as powerful of a flavor. I would liken this to a margarita mix or something to that extent . A good flavor overall, but Cellucor has done this one better in other products 8 out of 10


1.Peach Mango Nectar

2.Freedom Ice

3.Cotton Candy

4.Electric Sour


Definitely appreciate you taking the time to post a review.
These are my new favorite energy drink.

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Same here, hoping too see more flavor options

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Great rundown of these flavors!


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