C4 Natural Carbonated Strawberry Coconut Review

Cellucor C4 Energy Natural Carbonated Strawberry Coconut Review



Strawberry Coconut – This flavor was heavy in strawberry and light in coconut. While I am not a huge coconut fan you can pick this up as you sip on the beverage. The strawberry is good, but not going to contend with the Alpha Amino Ultimate flavor. While both are flavored in a complete 180 with ingredient profiles this is the closest thing I can relate it to. For a naturally flavored beverage, I can drink them, but if you don’t enjoy the stevia bite it may turn you off. I personally have no issue with it as I found the beverage to settle easy and the flavors to compliment each other with a heavier coconut to strawberry ratio.


The C4 Natural is a very short and simple formula.

1g Taurine – Antioxidant, Hydration Boosting Agent, Endurance

500mg L-Tyrosine – Reduce Stress, Improve catecholamine production, Energetic Neurotransmitter

250mg Cognizin Citicoline – Nootropic to prolong caffeine half-life, improve mood, enhance memory

120mg Caffeine (Coffeeberry) – Natural Stimulant


Retail - $26.99 / Case of 12

The best current deal I can find is 25% OFF. This will take cases very close to $19.50 each. When you factor in buying a case that would bring the price down to $1.60 per can. The thing with pricing on these cans is tricky because they are made for Sprouts grocery stores and Europa vendors. Therefore it is hard to find and get these unless you want to buy them direct for $30 Case + Shipping. Do your research and if you live next to a Sprouts I would suggest picking them up and trying them first hand.