C4 Energy Review

Hey there I won a case of the C4 awhile back and wanted to post up my thoughts on it!

Flavor - Midnight Cherry

Wow, I’ve tried a lot of energy drinks, mostly Bangs, Reigns, and a few of the 3D drinks. This was, by far, the best tasting one i have had yet. You can seriously flavor some Italian Ice with this. Extremely refreshing, especially in these hot summer months.

I generally don’t use preworkout, except on my heavier days or when I really need a kick, so my caffeine tolerance is fairly low. As such, most mainstream preworkout cans have 300 mg of caffeine, which is a bit much for me. Having 200mg in these is perfect, enough to really amp me up, but won’t totally get me over wired up.

Overall this is the best energy drink I’ve tried yet, and I’m definitely excited to try out the rest of the flavors, especially Bombsicle


@MarPott. Thanks for putting this together! Glad you enjoyed them!!! That Cherry flavor is one of my favorites for sure.

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oh hell yeah! Midnight Cherry is insanely good. Try the Cotton Candy too! The C4 Smart Energy is a great choice too, I feel like the C4 RTD you had is the gateway to the Smart Energy haha!

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