***C4 Energy Giveaway***

C4 Energy Giveaway!!

End of August is the time for the start of FOOTBALL!! Who’s your team and is anyones fantasy leagues going the distance this year??

Winner picked at the end of the week for a C4 Energy 12 pack!!!

Must provide store and forum review within 10 days of receiving product
In Stock product only
Winner must be 18+ years of age
Winner must be from the US


I don’t care about NFL teams but I do like to watch NCAA football from time to time. I’m normally following my Pac-12 teams in the area but love when the powerhouse schools go against each other. Then I will follow the major bowls for the NCAA playoff.

Not into the fantasy stuff though. Seems like too much of a time commitment

Good luck everyone


Teams are Steelers in the NFL and Notre Dame in NCAA. I prefer NCAA over the NFL. I am not someone who gets into Fantasy as I don’t have the time commitment for it, but it does seem appealing to those who enjoy getting into leagues with friends.
Hoping for a very competitive, healthy, and fun season across all platforms of football this year.


… JETS JETS JETS… Didnt do fantasy football this year unfortunately. But its alot of fun .


Any breakout players to watch in the NCAA this year?

Alabama & OSU QB
Both should be studs.

The New York Football Giants! I never really got into the whole fantasy football thing, but that FX show the league was funny— closest I ever got to fantasy football.

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To be honest, I haven’t cared about NFL in a long time. I check in scarcely around play off time, or if a friend is complaining about his team. But NFL lost its luster a while back. NCAA seems fun from the fans perspective, and I heard XFL is being resurrected once again… hahahha…

I thought the arena football league was a lot of fun growing up. But It loss it’s novel appeal in the mainstream as time went on.

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Winner later this evening!


Winner @Devin_Foley

Email me your flavor choice and shipping info: astevens@cellucor.com


Awesome! Thank you

Email coming soon


Congrats bro


Thank you

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The goods arrived today :smiley:

Thank you again @TeamCellucor @stad0203 @burntreality @Cellucor for sending these out.

First impressions – A+ for the artwork on the box and the can. Wonderfully done, great colors, texture, graphics etc. Really pop in the box & I could imagine on the shelf or in the cooler as well.

As for the flavor, I have only taken a few sips thus far of my first can. Initial impression is a nice fruity flavor but not quite sure it resembles Skittles flavor. I was expecting the flavor of eating a handful of original Skittles & maybe some type of mouthfeel experience of the hard outer shell.

Not a bad flavor by any means. I imagine very enjoyable to the masses. Will report back after a few more cans. Will get feedback from other house members & friends as well.


Thanks for the preliminary review
Looking forward to your thoughts when you have a few


A little late but congrats man! I really like the Skittles personally. Enjoy


Circling back around to this review after I have gone through almost the entire case now.

In terms of effects, I typically use these in the middle of the workday when things start to drag. While I don’t drink the entire can in a short period of time, the effects are still noticeable and beneficial about twenty to thirty minutes after I start drinking. Energy boost, slight focus and mental boost (would likely be stronger if I drank the can faster) and great taste plus hydration from the water.

Where this case particularly let me down was in the flavor in relation to the Skittles collaboration. While the flavor was great, I didn’t get any Skittles feedback throughout the entire experience. You could have given me a blank can and I would never have guessed it was supposed to be Skittle flavor. I would have said it was just a nice, enjoyable fruity flavored energy drink but nothing more than that. When I tried the Starburst collaboration, most of those were a nice representation of the candy but to me Skittles missed the mark in the candy flavor/experience.

If this product was not branded as Skittles and had some other more generic flavor listed, I would rate this a 9/10.

Because it is Skittles branded and missed the mark for me, I would rate it a 5/10

Once again, thank you to all of the team at Cellucor for posting these giveaways for feedback and sending out full cases for the members here. It is greatly appreciated!

@TeamCellucor @stad0203 @burntreality @Cellucor


Thanks @Devin_Foley