C4 Energy Carbonated - Skittles Review

C4 Energy Carbonated Skittles Review

Taste: As we all know taste is subjective and I personally prefer sweeter drinks with strong flavors. I tried this flavor multiple times and at different temperatures. I found it to be quite good, but somewhat light. While was sipping on it I was hoping it would get stronger. So if you don’t like strong sweet flavors this would be perfect for you. I’m hoping they bring it to their Smart Energy line, as those typically fit my palette better. The Ice Blue razz for example, I consider one of the best on the market.

Rating: 7.5

Effects: C4 Energy has 200mg off caffeine, which is my sweetspot. You get a nice sustained energy and even though it has Beta-Alanine and Niacin I didn’t get any itchiness or flush. It also has L-Citrulline and Tyrosine as it’s marked as a pre-workout drink as well, but I didn’t use it in that setting, so can’t speak to effects while training.

Rating: 8.5

Overall this is a good addition to an already established solid product and it would definitely take it to the top for me if they intensified the flavor a little bit more as I personally prefer sweeter drinks.

Overall Rating: 8.0

Thanks to @stad0203 and @burntreality for continuing to offer us opportunity to try new products and look forward to trying new flavors in the future

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Thanks for taking the time to put the review together and thanks for the honesty

I agree it is definitely on the lighter flavor side of our lineup but I definitely have been enjoying it. I am just a fan of the variety of flavors so I never get tired of flavors that way.

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Agree, it’s always better to have a lot to choose from to avoid flavor fatigue. Happens to me with proteins . My GF liked it, she usually thinks the ones I buy are too sweet, but she enjoyed this one.

Great feedback!

Thanks for putting this all together!

I really enjoy the flavor, actually in my top 3. Great review by the way.


Thank you so much for sharing this review here. I’m so much glad to know more about it.

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