Build Fast Formula VasoBlitz & FullBlitz Review


Training: 1 Scoop of Fullblitz + 1 Scoop of Vasoblitz

Do you Train Fasted/Fed?

  • Normally, I do not train fasted but I am considering switching over to it as I begin my cut for the next 2-3 months. I do workout at about 6 AM most days before work, so I think training fasted may be beneficial throughout this cut. Right now, I usually grab something small to eat on my way out the door in the morning to pair with my preworkout drink on the way to the gym. Usually, it is just a protein bar, which I have the signature protein bars right now. It is enough to hold me over til the end of my workout without feeling there is a lot in my stomach during the workout.

How long before training did you dose?

  • Most of the time, I mix my preworkout right before running out the door and drink it as I drive to the gym. Therefore, there is about 20-25 minutes from finishing my preworkout before starting my workout. I’ve been doing the same thing with the Fullblitz/Vasoblitz combo.

How long before your training do you eat, and how many grams of carbohydrates is in your pre-workout meal?

  • During the week, it is usually just a protein bar about 20-25 minutes before I workout. The macros of the ones I have now are 20 P, 20 C, 9 F. If I train on the weekends, I usually have a more substantial meal before hand. Usually some eggs and a bagel with pb2, so about 50 grams of carbs then, and I will give that more time to digest before my workout, probably about an hour in between my meal and workout.

How much water are you in taking?

  • I shoot for 1-1.5 gallons per day. I would say I get closer to 1.5 gallons each day. Usually the only water I have before my early morning workout is what is mixed with the preworkout I am taking. I usually have an additional 24-48 oz during the workout. On weekends, I usually have at least 24-32 oz in me before my workout.

What is your sodium intake like?

  • I don’t really track sodium during the day but I definitely don’t limit it. I usually cook with Pink Himalayan salt, whether it actually has any health benefits, not really sure but it tastes good. Also, a lot of the seasonings I use have salt in them as well. I don’t eat a lot of fast food or processed food so I would say I get about the recommended amount of 1,500-1,600 mg per day without going to much over.

Non-Workout: 2 Scoops Vasoblitz

  • I will do this on Saturday and provide an update after, as I have a wedding to attend and won’t be training throughout the day.

Initial Review:


  • The Rainbow Candy flavor is definitely one of the highlights of these products. The flavor is really sweet and very smooth. I have been using Ghost Sour Watermelon recently, so the sweet and not so tart flavoring of the Rainbow Candy is a nice switch up. I do have to say that the flavor definitely reminded me more of pink starburst rather than skittles, which I think is the flavor it was going for based on the name. Maybe it is just because of the pink coloring of the preworkout, but I really enjoy it. Definitely recommend if you are a pink starburst fan!


  • The mixability of these products was also on point. So far, I have mixed 1 scoop of each with about 10 oz of cold water each morning. It takes minimal time shaking it up, maybe 10-15 seconds max, for the preworkout to dissolve completely and there is little to no noticeable settling at the bottom of the shaker that some preworkouts cause.

Thoughts on Formula

  • The two main ingredients I look for in a preworkout is beta-alanine and caffeine content, both must haves for a good stim preworkout obviously. After using these for the past 4 days, the 3.2 g of beta-alanine I find is a good amount as you don’t get that overwhelming tingling sensation that you can get with too much beta-alanine. Also, the 335 mg of caffeine is a almost exactly what I am looking for. Recently, I have been trying to cut down on the amount of caffeine I drink throughout the day, so with 1 heaping scoop providing about 160-180 g of caffeine first thing in the morning, I feel like this is a pretty good amount. Also, I only find myself reaching for one cup of coffee the rest of the day and don’t need my usual afternoon energy drink to help get through the rest of the day without dragging. Therefore, I have definitely been able to cut down on the amount of caffeine I have been consuming lately.
  • As for the pump ingredients, such as Betaine Anhydrous and Arginine Nitrate, I wouldn’t mind if they bumped this up a bit to get a stronger pump feeling. But since I am only using 1 scoop of each product, I could also maybe try using a little more product before a workout and see what effects that has. Also, I will use this for a workout later in the day as well to see what effects it has then. I will provide an update once I have done so.

Post-Workout Review:


  • One of my favorite pump products to use right now is Ghost Pump, which I use as a preworkout for when I have already had a decent amount of caffeine throughout the day and am working out a little later in the afternoon. If you have used this product before, I definitely don’t notice as much of a pump from Fullblitz/Vasoblitz than I get when using Ghost Pump. However, this may be due to other factors, such as food/water consumption as well. My muscles do feel fuller when using Fullblitz/Vasoblitz, but nothing overwhelming or extremely noticeable.


  • Working out at 6 AM several times a week can definitely cause me to drag every once in awhile, so a good lasting energy from a preworkout is really what I look for. Sometimes preworkouts have a real intense burst of energy that fades quickly and causes you to crash. This is the worst thing to happen midway through an early morning workout. With the Fullblitz/Vasoblitz combo, I definitely get the more lasting energy that I am looking for with little to no crash experienced. Usually I have to rush to grab coffee when I get to work around 8:30 for a pick me up. With Fullblitz/Vasoblitz, I don’t usually grab a cup of coffee until 10:30-11:00 AM.


  • Similar to the energy aspect, I like a preworkout that provides enough focus to last you throughout a workout without hitting you too hard. I am not a big fan of the tunnel vision focus that some preworkouts can provide, so I would say the focus Fullblitz/Vasoblitz provides is the perfect amount for me. It gets me through the workout without coming on too strong and doesn’t hit you with a hard crash afterwards either. It is definitely a preworkout I could see myself sipping on in the early afternoon during work to give me an afternoon pick me up rather than just as a preworkout. I can’t say that for all preworkouts as I would hate to sit at a desk and stare at a computer after taking preworkout, so Fullblitz/Vasoblitz is definitely really good for that aspect as well.


  • Honestly, I haven’t really looked for vascularity much yet. Therefore, I would have to say it isn’t anything extremely noticeable. However, I will look for this over my next few workouts and provide an update.

Any changes in recovery or rest times during training

  • I have been cutting down on rest time between sets during training and incorporating more supersets when working out multiple muscle groups in order to keep my heart rate up. However, I am not sure if this is a result of using Fullblitz/Vasoblitz, as I have been intending to do so and started this during my workouts last week when not using Fullblitz/Vasoblitz.

Final Review: Will update once product is completed. Should be sometime next week.

Thanks again for this opportunity and let me know if you have any questions or would like to provide additional commentary below. Sorry for the delay in this posting as I was out of town when it was first delivered and so I didn’t have a chance to use it until early this week.

Good start in here, lets keep the feedback rolling with any changes you see and modifcations you make.
The Arginine nitrates is at a clinical dose as is Betaine. The calcium lactate is the secondary ingredient for pump. Betaine is used for more power and performance.

More nitrates is not always a good thing as it can cause some vicious side effects. There is a law of diminshing returns and doing too high would cause more harm then good in most scenarios.

You will find this to work a lot better on weekends with more water , sodium, and carbs in your body. I personally would train fed (more optimal) . When on an empty and no sodium or food in you the pump is much less noticeable and you may string out or find workouts to be a little lack luster. I would also opt for a better source pre-workout (that is just me) not a bar that is filled with artificial sweeteners, and sugar alcohols.

Regarding Calcium Lactate:
“The final trigger in muscle contraction is an increase in calcium in the muscle cell. This calcium is stored in an organelle known as the sarcoplasmic reticulum and is released in response to a neural stimulus. The calcium binds to key muscle proteins that result in contraction, and it has been shown that the more calcium released into the muscle cell, the more force is produced.”

This is all really good to know! Appreciate all the helpful feedback. I definitely admit that I don’t know much about preworkout ingredients beyond the basics so I really appreciate the knowledge you bring. Definitely looking forward to trying it out this weekend when I am not rushing into a workout and have more food in my system.

Also, do you have any suggestions you use for quick, light preworkout options better than a protein bar? Anything I can prep ahead of time to make mornings as easy as possible is always a plus!

Bryan, I would find a better source of carbs and something that will sit much easier on your stomach, what that is… That is very hard to pinpoint because I don’t know what digests best on your body to give you an optimal training environment. Some suggestions I give my clients and people I work with are

1 scoop whey (mixed with just enough water to make a paste/sludge) + banana, rice cakes, english muffin or a bagel (or half bagel) depending on what you can consume or digest very easy
Cream of rice + Whey

Those are my bread and butter sources I like to use and have no problems with. Things like Oatmeal sit heavy for me (fiber), so I dont even consume them (Call me a bro but I can’t stand oatmeal).

If none of these options work I would suggest 25-50g of HBCD/Karbolyn consumed with your peri-workout beverage containing 10-14g of BCAA’s/EAA’s to help sustain energy and give your body proper glucose for training.

let me know if that helps you for early morning training.

Since you train in the afternoon on the weekends this is how I would set up your dietary protocol

meal 1 = Protein + fat based (minimal Carbs)
meal 2 (pre) = Protein + Carb + low Fat (to help with digestion) aim for 50-75g of carbs about 60-120 minutes prior
Vaso/FullBlitz (whatever combo you want to rock) 15 minutes prior
Intra - Your normal cocktail
Post = Same as meal 2
Meal 4 = Protein + fat based

now this will vary pending how many calories you eat, how many carbs you eat etc. But I like to focus on carbs pre/post for maximum insulin sensitivity and also for creating an optimal training environment.

let me know if this makes sense or any further questions on ingredients to help you understand the product or setting up a diet to suit your training.

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No, this all makes sense to me! Thanks man appreciate all of the insight you are offering. More than I was expecting for sure. Definitely will try some different things out you suggested and let you know how they work.

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I like about a serving and a half of sugary cereal (currently chocolate Frosted Flakes) dry before the gym myself. Roughly 40g carbs.


Any Updates!?

Yes, will have some updates up tonight. Sorry work has had me going non-stop the past week or so.

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Non-Workout: 2 Scoops Vasoblitz

  • I have done two scoops of Vasoblitz on non-training days twice now and both times, I didn’t notice any significant effects. Both times, I used Vasoblitz well into the day after having several meals in me to ensure that the effects would be aided by carbs and sodium. However, for the most part, I only felt a slight feeling of increased focus but nothing overwhelming. It may have aided in muscle recovery but hard to tell with only two uses. The taste is still really good to sip on, so I wouldn’t mind sipping on this mid-afternoon at work instead of a caffeinated energy drink or coffee.


  • After using the 1 scoop Fullblitz & 1 scoop Vasoblitz combo after a few meals before training, I did notice more of a pump and more vascularity during my workouts than when I trained first thing in the morning. As suggested, I had a bagel with some pb2 and turkey sausage as my first meal in the morning and some rice cakes with protein sludge on top as my preworkout meal. First meal was probably about 2-3 hours before my workout and the preworkout meal was about 30-45 minutes before. I then used the FullBlitz/Vasoblitz about 20 minutes before my workouts. I definitely felt that my muscles were more full during the workout and more vascularity in my arms when training. It wasn’t extremely noticeable, but definitely more noticeable than normal. I also felt like I could hit an extra rep or two if needed and didn’t feel as exhausted after my workout.

How would you compare Vasoblitz & Fulblitz compared to other pre-workouts you have used/tried recently? and how would you rate the product as a whole?
Did you ever try 2 scoops FullBlitz on training days? and if so what were your results/feedback?

I do like the stack of Vasoblitz and Fullblitz together compared to most of the other pre-workouts I have used alone. However, this is really the first pair of preworkouts that I have stacked together consistently so it is kind of hard to compare to an individual pre-workout. However, as I mentioned, I really like the caffeine content when mixing 1 scoop of each and the complementary pump and focus ingredients. Definitely a stand out product in the pre-workout market without going overboard on ingredients.

As of right now, my top non-stim pump product that I have used recently is Ghost Pump. In my opinion, Vasoblitz used alone is a step below this product and I definitely experience more noticeable effects when using Ghost Pump vs Vasoblitz. Therefore, I’d probably stick with Ghost Pump for now.

I did use 2 scoops of FullBlitz alone before one fasted training session first thing in the morning. The only issue I had of this was that I thought the 335 mg of caffiene was a little too much for me on an empty stomach. About halfway through my workout, I noticed my stomach starting to feel a little uneasy and bothered me a little bit throughout the end of my workout until I got my first meal in me. This may have been different had I eaten something before the workout, but I am out of the FullBlitz, so can’t try this out soon. I do have about 1.5 scoops of VasoBlitz left, which I will finish off before my cardio session this evening.

Stims will always hit harder on a empty, if you had food it would of not been as “uneasy” feeling that you felt.

I like ghost Pump too, Vaso is a bit chepaer and also doesn’t contain L-Norvaline after the research has shown some long term association with that ingredient (and why a lot of companies pulled it from their pre’s). Those are definitely two of my top non-stims out there with mega Pre and Sparta Pump being right behind em.

Would like to see how 2 Scoops Full would treat ya after a few meals. Pump and energy should be $

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