Build Fast Formula Rocket Pop VasoBlitz

Build Fast Formula VasoBlitz Rocket Pop


Rocket Pop – I have had a lot of rocket pop or bombsicle flavors in the past, but this one is right up there as one of my all-time favorites. Just like Rainbow Candy VasoBlitz the flavor is pure and has a sweet aftertaste to it. The initial taste is heavy in the cherry and lime with the blue raspberry being the aftertaste. The two additions enhance the overall mouth feel and taste provided by the pre-workout. While there is a stronger ratio of cherry and lime all the flavors provide a complimenting trifecta of flavoring. It was a very wise decision to carry over this flavor from Fullblitz to Vasoblitz due to the high demand.

Ranking of Vasoblitz Flavors

  1. Rocket Pop
  2. Rainbow Candy
  3. Blue Raspberry
  4. Strawberry Berry
  5. Fruit Punch
  6. Watermelon
  7. Lemon Drop
  8. Unflavored


The product mixed with ease in a blender bottle. After a few shakes, there are no particles floating around. The powder is extremely light and started to mix just hitting the water. I found nothing stuck to my shaker cup or left sitting at the bottom. Thumbs up here on how easy the product mixes in water.


6g L-Citrulline (Pump, Performance, Delay Lactic Acid Build Up, NO Enhancer)
2g Arginine Nitrate (Pump, Performance, Endurance)
3.2g Beta-Alanine (Delay Fatigue, Improve Performance)
2.5g Betaine (Hydration, Cellular Electrolyte Concentration)
2g Calcium Lactate (Aids in Muscular Contractions)
Vitamin C (prevent nitrate tolerance build-up)


  • Taste is fantastic
  • Open-Label
  • Clinically Dosed
  • Great Pumps